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[AAR] Kali Kestrels II @ 26.07.2018

Roam members (7)
Alf Saissore - Punisher - Scout
Erwin Madelung - Kestrel
Jun Mikoto - Kestrel
Nathan Tamroc - Kestrel
Pink Kondur - Kestrel
Zeon Alabel - Kestrel - 2IC
averoth trojan - Kestrel

Intro evaluation


The second try to fly my kestrels. The form-up was way faster, content was not as i thought it would be, numbers were very low.

Kills and Losses

I had the fleet up on 19:00, this time we had only one T1 and one T2 fit, so form-up went better than last thursday. We undocked around 19:20 and made best speed to Vli. Alf as scout reported nothing of interest so far, Vli has some in local and we spend some time to find something to engage or to bait. Unsuccessfully.

We advanced to Aki were Alf found us a T1/T2 frigate gang of our size at a plex, we slid the gate on contact and i expected them to follow us. But nothing happend. I was slightly disappointed, but after some time i realized we lost Pink. He had no mic and i didn't catch his "1 down" in fleet chat, but his loss gave our opponents his fit and i assume, on this lossmail they avoided us. Bad luck or maybe my fault. If we engaged at range outside...

(19:52:44) Akidagi
Kestrel -9.02m

Then we were a bit lost between Aki and Pyne. We had plenty of stuff in space, but there was a cancerous gang of around 15 people with plenty of t3 destroyers which played gate games between aki and hikkoken. Nothing we could engage and maybe they scared off everything in our size.

After plenty of time with nothing than sitting in space, we insanely engaged a gang of an orthrus, gila, caracal and two stilettos... I had the hope to warp at range and maybe kill the stilettos if they burn into us, but as we landed the nearest ship was the orthrus. A first defensive damp on the orthrus worked, but i froze. I desparetly tried to figure out a way to engage anything, but this lead to a loss of orientation on the grid and i whelped us. Sorry for this one, on tuesday i had a much better on grid awareness, but the pressure of being in charge is something i underestimated here.

(20:10:28) Pynekastoh
Punisher -17.52m
Kestrel -4.65m
Kestrel -4.93m
Kestrel -4.92m
Kestrel -4.93m
Kestrel -9.08m
Kestrel -9.02m

We had a fight with a flashy Gnosis on a gate. I didn't know what went wrong with the damps here, maybe it had a SeBo.

(20:43:51) Nennamaila
Kestrel -4.87m

We tried to gank an algos and coercer, but the coercer was dead and the algos was gone. Pink offered PodExpress-Service.

(20:53:39) Hikkoken
Capsule +0.01m

Finally we tried to gank a Sunesis outside a plex, evrything went fine, until a Loki and a Jaguar landed on Grid. The Sunesis was 2/3 in hull so i called to stay on it, but somehow he managed to warp off and his friends got us.

(20:56:40) Pynekastoh
Kestrel -7.16m
Kestrel -9.02m
Kestrel -9.01m

ISK Destroyed: 10,000
ISK Lost: 94,121,854.96
ISK Delta: -94,111,854.96
Efficiency: 0.011%

Overall evaluation
    Form up
    Very low numbers
    so i overestimated our capabilities
    the freeze which led to the first whelp
    got feedback i was to quite

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