[AAR] Kali Kestrels @ 19.07.2018


Jun Mikoto



Post 2018.07.20 14:00

[AAR] Kali Kestrels @ 19.07.2018

Roam members (11)
Adrien Claremont - Hecate
Alexander Oromov - Kestrel
Alf Saissore - Hecate, Scout
Erwin Madelung - Kestrel
Farzol Nassan - Kestrel
Jun Mikoto - Kestrel
Ringo Degu - Kestrel
Union Pivo - Slasher, Scout
Zarquu Fussuhfusus - Kitsune, 2IC
Zkadon Estemaire - Kestrel
armenthus brown - Kestrel

Intro evaluation

Good morning o7

So, i took my first fleet out and like my first attemp to teach there is a small universe of things
to improve. So I will narrow it down to my main aspects.

Fitting and Form up

Deploying tailor-made ships with the right ewar in the mid-slots was a
best-intentions-most-horrible-thing-to-do. It took me aprox one hour to only give the ships out?
I'm not 100% sure, same thing happend as in the class: I wanted too much, got captured in a %§"%$§$
details, stress level went through the roof.

-> Never again. Next time I just announce fittings.

The F-up led to a hurried dock up, so i couldn't talk about my ideas to engagements and practice some
things like anchoring and spreading ewar.

Finally in space

So we started with with a desorientated fc, a splintered fleet, and pilots with no idea of how to do
their job. Nuff said on this.

Kills and Losses

FC loves: "Can i have invite plz? - posting lossmail from arse end of nowhere"

A bunch of guys who went to action for their own sanity, while i tried to kill
my fleetlings by boredom, got a hecate.

(20:15:33) Vey
Hecate +134.36m

After this it took my a bit to get the control over my fleet.

(20:22:07) Frarie, Vlillirier
Slasher -6.24m

The following engagement is the one thing that went positive. Intel reported a destroyer
gang of same size in Vli. They were sitting in a medium plex, what was especially NOT the
way i wanted to start engagements. I led the fleet in a small, called for anchoring on me
and waited a bit. And this is something what worked exactly like i planned it.
What did not work: being fleet anchor, target caller and ewar commander. I'll split this
next time.
As an extra i was the only one who died in this engagement, which honestly broke my moral.

(20:38:50) Vlillirier
Thrasher +8.96m
Kestrel -7.83m
Corax +9.53m

Zarquu took over for my reship, we roamed a bit around and i managed to whelp us against a frigate fleet and a bait raven

(21:12:54) Pynekastoh, Nennamaila
Kestrel -7.59m
Kestrel -5.36m
Kestrel -5.21m
Kestrel -5.51m
Kitsune -46.25m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 152,859,860.6
ISK Lost: 84,024,269.8
ISK Delta: 68,835,590.8
Efficiency: 64.529%

    Hydra Kestrels are definitly interesting and challenging to learn
    The first fleet fight was something i wanted exactly in this way, with a little more practice we win the grid
    The main issue was my plan to give out customized ships. If i am less stressed, everything is better.


Adrien Claremont



Post 2018.07.20 15:36

Re: [AAR] Kali Kestrels @ 19.07.2018

While there were periods of quietness while you did some thinking, I don’t think they were moments of indecisiveness. I think you made the right calls every time (I hadn’t clocked that the Raven was bait either!). You had a plan, stayed with that plan, and actually looked for real fleet fights on your first ever fleet as FC.

Good fleet, good FC, would definitely fly again. Let me know if there is anything I could do to help out with the next one, or if there are any specific roles you’d like covered.

Zkadon Estemaire



Post 2018.07.21 16:13

Re: [AAR] Kali Kestrels @ 19.07.2018

Adrien Claremont wrote:While there were periods of quietness while you did some thinking, I don’t think they were moments of indecisiveness.

Totally agree with this. Don't beat yourself up on the prep part. Once we undocked I had lots of fun, which is where it counts the most. I'd definitely fly again!


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