Post 2018.07.18 20:06

[AAR] NSC BLAP Caracals 18/07/18

Hey guys, fun but short fleet tonight.

Roam members (10)
Adrien Claremont - Caracal
Damien Maken - Osprey
Ged Sinak - Osprey
Glen Burney - Stiletto
Pink Kondur - Caracal
Prince Tojo - Caracal
Retired Slacker - Caracal
Rohtal Dnar
Vladimir Antonovich - Caracal
Xivik Skord - Caracal

Kills and Losses

So the plan tonight was to head down into the VV- pocket to stir up some trouble with the 404 guys. It's been a LOOOONG time since I've down into that pocket. Long enough that I'd forgotten that I didn't have any tacs down that way. Bad FC straight away.

On our way, we waited for our "bait" Caracal Vlad who was coming in from Reb. He'd spotted a Loki which unfortunately managed to alpha Glen clean off. Without tackle, there wasn't much point in us trying to pursue it.

(18:30:18) JH-M2W
Stiletto -57.14m

So, down the pocket we go. We notice two groups of about 12 people in separate systems along the pipe. So, expect a camp on the way back out...

Down the bottom of the pocket Glen tackled a nice selection of krabs and a juice pod.

(18:47:12) I0AB-R
Procurer +32.88m

(18:59:02) U4-Q2V
Badger +6.05m
Capsule +129.45m

(19:05:17) CY-ZLP
Epithal +53.2m

On the way back up however, we came across the obvious trap. I was not expecting to get the fleet out of the pocket intact so chose to align out and haze light tackle. In my head every interceptor we could kill would trade 1 for 1 with a T2 Caracal, possible 2 for 1 for the T1 Caracals which I thought would be a fairly decent trade.

Sadly as we aligned out, their fast tackle managed to constantly burn just outside out our 40km missile range meaning we didn't kill a single one! Overheating missiles, I thought we'd be able to at least BLAP one or two. Bad FC judgement call again on my behalf, so we warped off grid having lost about half of the fleet.

We landed at the sun, aligned back to the gate, and waited for them to follow so that we'd have a clear run out of the pocket. They were in Feroxes mostly, therefore I thought even with them bubbling gates all the way out we might be able to out run them. It would have been a good plan too, if it wasn't for those pesky interceptors. Every gate we went through, they managed to grab point on one or two of us. We could chase them off with rapid Jesus missiles, but they gave us a weapons timer allowing the Feroxes to keep pace.

In the end, one lucky pilot (Retired Slacker) managed to escape out the pocket due his capping out mid warp and ending up a convenient safe. The rest of the fleet was not as fortunate.

(19:15:47) 35-RK9, IIRH-G, M2-CF1
Osprey -8.97m
Osprey -9.91m
Caracal -35.99m
Caracal -46.61m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Caracal -25.27m
Caracal -31.13m

ISK Destroyed: 221,580,534.16
ISK Lost: 215,024,543.62
ISK Delta: 6,555,990.54
Efficiency: 50.751%

I had fun. We had some ganks, a couple minutes of fleet action, and a chase back home. Probably not the best example of how to fly Caracals but still JUST isk positive thanks to the juice pod kill.

I do think if anyone wants to find some guaranteed "content", with the likely expectation that you'll get outgunned on your way out, then the VV- pocket is certainly worth a look for FCs wanting some quick Nullsec action.

Thanks for coming out everyone, we'll try it again soon.