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[AAR] NoP Monday Roam! - 2018.07.10 @ 0100

If you participated in the fleet, please leave feedback in the FCC Feedback form. The information you provide me will help me improve and lead better fleets, which leads to more fun for everyone.

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Improvement items to work on from my last fleet:
  • Pre-Roam Planning.
  • Decision Making/In-Roam Strategic Planning.
  • Command Chatter.

Roam members (16)
Aiden Chance - Atron
Bo Ondra - Merlin
Daz Argentum - Merlin
Ged Sinak - Atron, Executioner
Hiram Abiv - Merlin
Hironaru - Maulus
Metti ar Virksen - Merlin
Micah McCain - Griffin
Neemo Beer - Tristan
Philbro Kishunuba - Merlin
Reise Amatin - Merlin
Rider Isleman - Ares
Roxane Barviainen - Rifter
Sfortz Ando - Merlin
Space Warfare Development - Crucifier, Cormorant


HIFL kicked off the night for us by obliterating one of our frigates using Battlecruisers. We moved on.

(02:00:11) Renarelle
Merlin -5.51m

We were playing games with a Garmur/Magus team through Oicx/Kinakka/etc. and the Magus warped to a Large plex. Tackle went in, but they didn't come out again. Always take the bait is the rule, but sometimes the bait wins the engagement. I should have recalled the tackle sooner than I did, there was no way to win the engagement.

(02:21:59) Aivonen
Tristan -8.41m
Atron -7.18m

This was interesting. One of our pilots locked and shot at a non-flashy Dramiel on a gate without authorization, and immediately started taking gate guns, ofc. The Dramiel pilot then reciprocated the screw-up by locking the wrong target and shooting, which made him take gate guns. Unlike our intrepid pilot, he didn't bother to warp off. Nice kill, but it was more of a lesson of what not to do.

(02:27:51) Akidagi
Dramiel +73.07m

Rifter in a Novice, great work by tackle keeping him in place until the rest of the fleet arrived.

(02:39:49) Nennamaila
Executioner -2.99m
Rifter +12.2m

HIFL saves us from the boredom! Apparently BC vs. Frigate was too overpowered, so they downgraded to T2 Frigates and ganked our scout. We moved on.

(02:48:59) Hikkoken
Crucifier -6.33m

Our Rifter buddy from Nenn earlier in the roam upshipped to a Rupture and started hounding us. We finally found a good engagement point, but only after I (%&*^ up. I called for a lock, and received a "Target Invulnerable" message. I assumed he was jumping, so I called for the fleet to jump. He wasn't jumping, he just hadn't come out of warp all the way. By the time I got the fleet back into Nenn I was headed to Ichoriya to reship, but the fleet managed to get the kill. Need to be a bit more patient next time. While I was reshipping the fleet found a Maller and took it out, nice job!

(03:16:22) Nennamaila
Merlin -5.32m
Merlin -6.76m
Merlin -6.03m
Rupture +31.36m
Tristan -8.25m
Griffin -1.39m
Maulus -1.04m
Maller +41.77m

We had a big BC/cruiser fleet jump on top of us just as our Rifter buddy showed up AGAIN, so we left in a hurry. The BC/Cruiser fleet did us a favor and finished off our buddy after they got done killing one of our Atrons. He just didn't have a good night.

(03:32:13) Nennamaila
Atron -13.55m
Tormentor +17m

ISK Destroyed: 175,405,846.66
ISK Lost: 72,771,110.56
ISK Delta: 102,634,736.1
Efficiency: 70.678%

Reviewing the video, I should have collapsed back on the Rupture and tried to get under his guns. My brain short-circuited when I realized the magnitude of my error in jumping the fleet. Otherwise I think everyone did well. We managed to get a teachable moment out of the Dramiel kill which makes up for the mistake of engaging without being told to do so.

Review/Attainment of Actionable Goals:
  • Pre-Roam Planning. -
  • Decision Making/Strategic Planning - ✔-
  • Command Chatter. -
  • Keep LEARNING! -

    Quality Improvement Actions for Next Fleet:
    • Pre-Roam Planning.
    • Decision Making/Strategic Planning.
    • Command Chatter.

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