Post 2018.07.14 04:14

[AAR] To Null and back

Several days ago several of us in Open House were looking for some pvp action and decided to make use of a frigate sized connection out to The Great Wildlands and see what we could get ourselves into out there. We quickly assembled what frigates/destroyers we had on hand, and I was volunteered to FC. The following is who/what we had with us

Xivik Skord - Heretic
John Jones - Atron
Vladimir Antonovich - Incursus
Sagittarius Griffins - Tristan
Seb Lloret - Talwar
Derby Dank - Navitas

After a couple jumps going no where in particular, Sagittarius suggested heading over to Geminate and paying Pandemic Horde a visit. Along the way there we picked up our first kill of the night

Heron 7.5M

Making our way over to O-VWPB we picked up our 2nd and final kill of roam


After reaching O-V with not much action, but not losses, we decided to turn around to head back home when I realized jumping into O-V would have most likely whelped the fleet. At this point Sagittarius left the fleet and jumped in looking for some extra action. We made the journey back to the wormhole without issues.

ISK Destroyed:346.07M
ISK Lost:0

This was my first PvP fleet that I FC'd, I learned where I need to improve, along with what ended up going right. Big thanks to John Jones for scouting (believe was his first time scouting also), along with Sagittarius for being able to read maps and give us destinations.

To Improve On
  • Knowing how to find destinations, and knowing where concentrations of people may be where content can be found
  • Letting the scout do there thing. Several times I found myself wanting to, or jumping in, and helping scout even though John was doing a great job. Found it hard only having information being relayed over comms as opposed to being able to see it myself.
  • Travel Communications. Several times we had issues with people either lagging behind or unsure where we were jumping. Need to make sure that everyone knows the current destination and which gate we are jumping to. In this fleet it wasn't much of an issue, but I could see it being a problem
    down the line. Learning how to broadcast, or having someone else do broadcast will be something I need to learn/start doing in the future.
  • Knowing what type of targets the fleet can take on, as we were trying to grab onto anything we could, which worked well this time, but needs improving on.

Things that went well
  • We formed quickly, and established who was doing what in short order.
  • The smaller fleet size made it a bit less stressful for leading the fleet the first time.