Post 2018.07.12 09:20

[AAR] Golden Horde 2018-07-11

As this was the night for the weird round thing again, I really wasn't expecting much turnout nor action. I think considering the circumstances this was pretty good all around, I was fully prepared to go into small gang mode if we only 5 peeps would show up. Big thanks to everybody who came along! And special thanks to all those who stepped up to fill roles :)

Sorry for letting you whelp your tackle over and over again Alf^^

The most notable engagement was vs a Gnosis at range on a large plex. We had a Cruiser gang warp in on us and catch a few. I decided that we didn't do enough damage to finish of the Gnosis, before the gang would have mopped the floor with us, so I called to scatter. From my feeling at least that decision was pretty fast and sound.

In general I am feeling that I am progressing little by little. I probably could have called to jump in the fleet earlier a few times.

Roam members (11)
4gent 0f Dispair - Inquisitor
Alexander Oromov - Punisher
Alf Saissore - Atron, Taranis
Darth Galifreia - Punisher
Durnik Risalo - Punisher
Hideo Date - Punisher
Joseph Vis Stalin - Crucifier
Kento Auffrie
Phileas Levesque - Crucifier
Pink Kondur - Punisher
averoth trojan - Punisher

Kills and Losses

(18:35:07) Eha
Atron -6.18m
Magus +109.29m
Capsule +0.01m

(18:53:22) Aivonen
Inquisitor -5.87m

(19:00:18) Nennamaila
Atron -7.42m
Kestrel +7.57m

(19:08:08) Pynekastoh
Incursus +9.73m
Capsule +0.01m

(19:14:56) Nisuwa
Punisher +12.58m

(19:19:52) Abune
Punisher -17.99m
Crucifier -6.42m
Punisher -7.69m

(19:26:40) Oinasiken
Capsule -26.42m

ISK Destroyed: 139,193,205.31
ISK Lost: 77,995,130.59
ISK Delta: 61,198,074.72
Efficiency: 64.089%