Post 2018.07.09 15:51

[AAR] Golden Horde 2018-07-06

To start off I was way more nervous this time around. Had my FCC mentor Kora K back-seating me as well as Laser looking to give feedback. Thanks for all the effort in helping me learn! And even way before the fleet started I tried getting people into ships...felt all around quite a bit more stressful then the last couple fleets^^ After going on for nearly two hours I was rightfully (I think) totally exhausted and my concentration was falling off completely. So sorry for not going for that Titan kill :P

Megoste played around with us again and halfjoined the fleet after Union herotackled his ONI out of nowhere...was extremely funny having flabbergasted Megoste on comms while drugfueled Union jumped him :D

Flow seemed quite well over all, still need to improve much on being faster in my decision making and giving clearer commands. Especially as my concentration waned all went downhill^^

Biggest wins for me where:
1. killing a bait Arbitrator with a Supercarrier on grid!
2. Seeing a lightning fast aligning gating Ragnarok in lowsec
3. Moving about the systems with Battleship and cap fleets around

To those points: by the time those Titans and caps where around I wasn't really fit for combat anymore sadly, but even if I would have been fully concentrated I wouldn't have had the faintest idea how to get a decent engagement out of those crazy fleets around us...still got a lot to learn.

Roam members (28)
Aaron Wisest - Punisher
Alf Saissore - Punisher
Athena Firefly - Crucifier
Avrin Dennard - Punisher
Buzz Uisen - Incursus
Cezar Solette - Punisher
Damien Maken - Punisher
Durnik Risalo - Punisher
Erwin Madelung
Ged Sinak - Atron
Hideo Date - Punisher
Hirmuolio Pine
Ignar Anthar
Jorma Kovask - Griffin
Kora K - Punisher
Laser Skaron - Inquisitor
Megoste - Stabber
Metti ar Virksen - Punisher
Micah McCain - Punisher
Nathan Tamroc - Punisher
Pink Kondur - Punisher, Slasher
Puzzled Monkey - Punisher
Rikali Laru - Crucifier
Sfortz Ando - Punisher
Union Pivo - Slasher
Wokum - Punisher
Xanthys Pike
averoth trojan - Punisher

Kills and Losses

(18:36:30) Vlillirier, Aldranette
Atron -8.34m
Slasher -6.89m
Thrasher +28.6m
Vexor +41.18m

(18:52:03) Akidagi
Atron -8.11m
Punisher -7.04m
Drake +64.52m
Stabber +27m
Capsule +0.01m

(19:06:35) Enaluri
Omen Navy Issue -89.99m <- by this point Megoste was not in Fleet and we actually fought him, so for those who care about efficiency, this should be green

(19:13:50) Hikkoken
Crucifier -10.89m
Arbitrator +31.52m
Capsule +0.01m
Thrasher +9.46m

(19:29:47) Kedama
Slasher -6.3m

(19:52:06) Rakapas
Griffin -0.84m

(20:18:59) Dastryns
Inquisitor -15.3m

ISK Destroyed: 202,319,902.33
ISK Lost: 153,706,040.48
ISK Delta: 48,613,861.85
Efficiency: 56.827%