[AAR] Brawly MWD T1 Frigates 2018-07-04


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[AAR] Brawly MWD T1 Frigates 2018-07-04

Kalm Killing with Hideo

We had about 35 people in fleet.

Right at the beginning I had the fleet do a couple exercises in OST, broadcasting and warping to me, seemed a good thing to do especially as we had a handful of complete newbies around (we are all newbies here, aren't we? ;) ). We went up the pipe towards Akidagi (yeah, I will go other routes in the future...at some point :P ) and didn't find any action until VLI, we had three Scouts checking all the side systems and traveled pretty smoothly.

The real action came when we found Megoste in an ONI, we poked around him outside of a few plexes, he got a few of us and then pointed out a Raven as we where docked up for a moment....that lead to our FIRST Battleship kill. Eventually I invited him into fleet and we mostly didn't try to awox him :D Thanks for being a good sport Megoste! And of course for teaching us multiple lessons about how much we where outclassed by you^^ He also helped out with a couple more kills along the road, lend us some firepower as we where bleeding DPS against the Battleships to come.

Engaged with someone who multiple times came at us in a Slicer and Condor as well, got him in a Condor once. Generally just as all the engagements vs the ONI bad idea to even try it, but it was a fun exercise for me^^

At a gate a flashy Rattlesnake idled around (not really, he was looking for the fight), as we had tackle on the other side as well I eventually called to engage, was a lot of fun trying to defang him (among other things he pulled out a Gecko). Adrien was very helpful in calling out when the Rattler was reloading the repper, I wasn't decisive enough to follow through with it always, but in the end we took it down. Had a bunch of things warping in and out as well and took down a Bifrost on the go. Then a Dominix warped in as well, we had bled DPS quite a bit, but I wanted to try it and it went down reasonably fast (with a little help from Megoste^^) at the end an Exequror warped in to rep the Domi a bit, but didn't do much to delay the kill and promptly died as well when we cleaned up the grid. This whole engagement was so tense I totally forgot about the loot of the 1.2B Rattler (and the other stuff) :D But a few people had the mind for it and even went back to scoop the rest.

The fleet was quite split up at times, on grid as well as over different parts in a system, mostly due to me not being decisive or clear enough in my instructions (lets see whenever that gets old :P). Only once it happened because our scouts broadcasted different plexes. At times it also was down to the bloodthirstyness of the Unistas of course :D

Trying to get all the KMs together (LAZAAAAAAA!!! WE NEED THE TOOL BACK...please, I buy you some icecream! :D )...if I missed any, glad for additions down below ;)


Vexor +47M
Condor +1.4M
Raven +254M
Rattlesnake +1.2B
Bifrost +140M
Dominix +312M
Exequror +28.7M


Maulus -4.6M
Atron -5.8M
Malediction -40M
Atron -7.8M
Atron -10M
Atron -2.9M
Incursus -90M *aheeeem* -> maaaaybe use the drugs you bring next time ;)
Merlin -6.1M
Punisher -3.3M
Kestrel -4.1M
Slasher -1.7M
Atron -3.9M
Atron -3.7M
Atron -8.2M
Atron -1.4M
Atron -7.3M
Merlin -5.9M
Merlin -4.8M
Merlin -9.2M

-> Efficiency: I do not care one bit about it :D but probably pretty good :P

The best:

- getting showered with good feels by my lovely Unipeeps <3<3<3

The good:

- getting more confident and smoother about all the formup/introductory things
- Fleet movement went generally pretty well
- very interesting engagements for me

The bad:

- de-ci-siv-ness
- keeping the fleet together
- engagement analysis beforehand (knowledge about capabilities of the fleet and targets massively lacking)
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Re: [AAR] Brawly MWD T1 Frigates 2018-07-04

Mmmmmmm, Ice cream!

Fixes are on their way, I promise :D.

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