[AAR] Hyperkitties 2018/06/27


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Post 2018.06.28 00:37

[AAR] Hyperkitties 2018/06/27

Roam members (17)
Aiden Chance - Tristan
Analiese Aubernet - Confessor
BatFC - Tristan
Beavis Alland - Tristan, Worm
Budda Sereda
Chad Douglas - Tristan
Durnik Risalo - Maulus
Ged Sinak - Tristan
Hiram Abiv - Tristan
Imad Gratia - Tristan
Malisar - Tristan
Metti ar Virksen - Tristan
Neemo Beer - Tristan
Regulus Dural - Tristan
Richard Starwalker - Hecate
Sagittarius Griffins - Tristan
Xafen Katapi - Executioner, Atron

Kills and Losses

After going through a few systems and finally finding a target, my scout found a Daredevil. I sent vanguard in as the scout initiated warp and ordered them to warp to the broadcasted location. Unfortunately, the vanguard was unable to get to the target fast enough to save the scout. In the analysis of the situation, I am able to identify that as FC I should have sent the vanguard in before my scout initiated warp. Also, I should have asked the scout what his distance was from the plex and what distance the vanguard was at to better understand the time in between landings. If, for example, the vanguard where 10au off and the scout was 60au off, I would tell the scout to initiate warp before telling the vanguard to initiate warp. In time, I believe this will become more natural as my situational awareness increases.

Afterward, a few of my fleet members were picked off by Analiese and one of his friends. To be honest, I don't quite know what happened here since my fleet members failed to call that they where being yellow boxed. I also believe, that we may have been in another system and that they were picked off as stragglers. In the comments, it would be helpful for Analiese to give me his point of view on the situation.

(02:05:11) Hirri
Executioner -7.22m
Capsule -0.71m
Tristan -7.78m
Tristan -7.93m

On our way to Kedama, we chased down the same Daredevil as before. He ended up being able to kill a few of our members but in the end, we were able to subdue him.

With the help of Analiese and his combat probes, we were able to find an abysall trace. After warping the fleet to Analiese, we waited a few minutes till the VNI popped out. I am happy with how the fleet was able to coordinate and eliminate the target as soon as it popped out. For myself, I was stupid and forgot to restack my drones into the correct file and was unable to do to much damage to it :(.

(02:19:06) Kedama
Tristan -7.54m
Tristan -18.37m
Daredevil +228.39m
Vexor Navy Issue +353.11m
Capsule +0.01m
Vexor +57.28m
Capsule +0.01m
Tristan -18.94m

On our way back to Stacmon, we found a Caracal that was warping around to different belts. We were able to get point on it when it jumped into the belt that my scout was sitting at. I ordered the fleet to warp the location and we quickly disposed of it.

(02:55:44) Nisuwa
Caracal +28.77m

As we were sitting on an acceleration gate after attempting to kill a target, a Loki warped on to us and killed a member. This death in my fault since I failed to recognize the threat that the Loki posed to my fleet in out little squishy Tristans.

(03:02:35) Oinasiken
Tristan -10.24m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 667,576,471.78
ISK Lost: 78,735,684.9
ISK Delta: 588,840,786.88
Efficiency: 89.45%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    1 - I am getting better at analyzing and parsing through information.
    2 - I am getting better at target calling and being clear with my commands; I have a long way to go though.
    3 - My newbro speech flowed easier and I as able to go through it without many mistakes.
    4 - I am getting better at avoiding comms silence and thinking out loud
    (Negative stuff)
    1 - I need more experience with target calling and identifying ships.
    2 - I need to get better at monitoring the fleet window since I believe I may have missed quite a few questions.
    3 - Oftentimes, I am unclear with my commands when telling the fleet to warp or jump somewhere.
    4 - Still, I do not have a good grasp of Black Rise and Placid even with the aid of Doltan. I felt bad having to ask people what our next destination would be.

Even though it was a slow day and we only got a few kills for our time in Black Rise and Placid, I still enjoyed myself. On our way up to Eha, we ran into at most 10 people. At least 5 of the systems were completely dead. As this has happened to other fleets recently, I was worried that we were going to run into the same problems as them. Eventually, we got a few kills to cover up our losses.

In the future, I wish to improve on my mistakes by practicing fleets and gaining more experience. Even though I have gotten better since my first fleet, I still have an endless amount of things that I need to improve on.

Thanks everyone, it was a pleasure to fly with you,
Ged Sinak
Retired Personnel Officer| Retired NSC Combat Officer | Retired Teacher | Retired FCC Staff


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Post 2018.06.30 07:05

Re: [AAR] Hyperkitties 2018/06/27

With regards to Analiese and friends picking off some of the stragglers, I think this was mostly due to the newer pilots' lack of experience with low sec's mechanics. Things like when to burn back to gate, jumping through the gate, or bouncing to a celestial, could have potentially saved both of those Tristans.

Also, I believe there was some miscommunication when we were going for the Daredevil in the novice plex. I misheard FC's instructions to go for the Daredevil inside the plex, and got engaged with a Hecate on the outside instead. When Beavis (my vanguard partner) slided into the plex, I was not there and he was murdered. Sorry Beavis :(

Regardless, this was a very enjoyable fleet and I had a blast for a good couple of hours.

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