[FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21


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Post 2018.06.23 08:50

[FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

Roam members (30)
Alexander Oromov - Federation Navy Comet (Scout)
Alf Saissore - Tristan (Vanguard)
B'aldrick Aivoras - Vigil Fleet Issue, Punisher
Beavis Alland - Imperial Navy Slicer (Vanguard)
Christy Tigerfairy - Condor
Dal Cais - Executioner, Punisher
Decklin Quark Reiger - Condor, Atron, Tormentor, Omen
Durnik Risalo - Merlin
Ethan Solum - Atron, Federation Navy Comet
Ged Sinak - Atron (Scout)
Hideo Date - Rifter, Merlin (FC)
Ignar Anthar - Incursus
Iskarr Jarak - Incursus, Federation Navy Comet, Thorax
Kirsi Isrik - Condor
Kora K - Slasher, Condor
Laser Skaron - Imperial Navy Slicer
Memery Rowkay - Rifter, Punisher
Mike Kingswell - Condor (Vanguard)
Nathan Tamroc - Merlin (Vanguard)
Pink Kondur - Rifter, Atron
Puzzled Monkey - Atron
Sfortz Ando - Merlin, Executioner
SharkKin - Rifter
Tiberius Auduin - Punisher (Scout)
Trillian Ituin - Federation Navy Comet, Tormentor
Troven Smalvard - Slasher (Scout)
Union Pivo - Imperial Navy Slicer (2IC)
Ytxrash Ditraetus - Tristan
ashahara - Merlin
averoth trojan - Tristan

My very first real try at FCing, and it was a blast! Thanks everybody for coming along and giving great feedback and encouragement. And daaaamn that was some comms discipline! \o/

I want to give a special thank you to the awesome scouts which made great fights happen!
And also a big thanks to Kora and Decklin for bringing elite Tusker firepower to the fleet :D

And another thank you to Laser for trying out the mentored fleets program on me, that was immensely helpful!

Also apologies to the newbies who joined and didn't get the treatment they deserved :/ My intro speech was quite lacking and I know some people got lost and I didn't help them along enough, sorry. Will try my best to improve on future fleets!

Kills and Losses

Alexander, Kora and Decklin where already prodding around and took a few fights while we where forming up. Didn't want to exclude that shiny pod :D

(17:39:01) Ostingele
Condor -14.19m

(17:59:24) Melmaniel
Tristan +8.21m

(18:14:36) Ostingele
Federation Navy Comet -36.38m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -594.16m
Catalyst +2.85m

When we started in earnest, we got a nice catch in OST: a very colorful Maulus.

(18:23:02) Ostingele
Atron -4.63m
Tormentor -10.41m
Maulus Navy Issue +307.34m
Catalyst +13.61m
Capsule +50.55m

We went up the pipe towards Akidagi. I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of intel from all the scouts (definitely going for max 3 scouts on the next fleet). Felt indecisive and slow, let the fleet fall behind the scouts. There where not really any catches anyway, but still...my plan was to move much faster at the beginning.

(18:31:28) Vey
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

(18:36:12) Vey
Tristan -4.85m

As Oicx was under siege I didn't expect to get a fight....ooooohhh how wrong I was. Of course I send in scouts and then vanguard and finally the slaughter began. Shoutout to FEDUP for being great sports and repeatedly reshipping into their Punishers to give me lots of targets to call out. Tried to be as methodical about it as possible and when I finally died there where enough people to take over, great work guys! (though definitely taking a 3rd in command next time, Union was mostly dead whenever he wanted to take over :D )

I can not really recall how it all went down, we went to a couple different plexes, and slid in a few, most of the grinding was done within one plex.

(18:43:54) Oicx
Punisher +8.15m
Incursus -13.05m
Punisher +8.16m
Merlin -5.3m
Punisher +8.13m
Rifter -9.12m
Punisher +8.15m
Punisher +8.06m
Punisher +8.16m
Atron -4.46m
Punisher +7.34m
Punisher +8.16m
Punisher +8.02m
Punisher +8.15m
Punisher +8.14m
Capsule +0.01m
Algos +10.07m
Federation Navy Comet -43.57m
Imperial Navy Slicer -27.11m
Punisher +8.16m
Incursus -16.37m
Tormentor -10.63m
Condor -12.31m
Punisher +8.16m
Federation Navy Comet -36.93m
Punisher +8.11m
Rifter -6.58m
Merlin -1.3m
Merlin -5.82m
Punisher +8.15m
Punisher +8.15m
Punisher +8.46m
Punisher +8.15m
Tristan +3.04m
Vigil Fleet Issue -37.9m
Rifter -0.78m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant -0.01m
Punisher +8.16m
Capsule +0.01m
Condor -1.66m
Punisher +8.13m
Slasher -4.8m
Jackdaw +155.51m
Punisher +8.16m
Executioner -1.96m
Punisher +8.09m
Rifter -5.93m
Tristan +8.23m
Atron -15.42m
Atron -12.11m
Punisher +10.76m
Punisher +8.12m
Tristan +3.79m

While I reshipped the people who survived used the waiting time efficiently and got some more kills.

(19:12:55) Vlillirier
Omen +43.3m
Atron -20.49m
Gnosis +89.34m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant +0.88m

When I came back we got a great opportunity to get a Raven on a structure, it worked out beautifully. If I remember correctly it was Decklin who got the catch.

(19:22:31) Vlillirier
Merlin -6.63m
Raven +200.56m
Imperial Navy Slicer -23.81m

And it was time for another go into the meat grinder...never experienced something like this before and it was just a perfect opportunity for me as new FC.

(19:27:44) Oicx
Algos +6.29m
Rifter -0.74m
Thrasher +3.38m
Punisher +8.09m
Condor -16.59m
Condor -13.69m
Merlin -7.21m
Federation Navy Comet -39.11m
Punisher +37.15m
Catalyst +3.97m
Executioner -4.45m
Punisher +9.71m
Atron -4.63m
Federation Navy Comet -28.81m
Punisher +8m
Punisher -10.35m
Merlin -6.63m
Punisher -14.98m
Punisher -9.52m
Tristan -7.26m
Capsule -0.01m

(19:43:06) Oicx
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,171,292,430.82
ISK Lost: 1,152,656,365.9
ISK Delta: 18,636,064.92
Efficiency: 50.401%

To improve:

- newbie speech and hand holding
- pacing
- broadcasting (pretty much never did it, thanks to the people who took up the slack)
- 3rd in command
- 2IC and 3IC will get broadcast duties from now on
- scream more on comms

B'aldrick Aivoras


Fleet Command Course Manager
Fleet Command Course Manager

Post 2018.06.23 12:55

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

Good fleet Hideo - nice pace as clear comms.
Seamless transition when you went down in target calling. Very calming to hear you on comms.

Might be good to ensure everyone makes it back and announce more formally the end of fleet.

Hope my recording helped you. I think it’s always worth doing your own on so you can review your own performance as a pilot or FC which is why I tend to record. Always ask the FC though and check Uni rules on publishing online.

When your next one?

FCC Manager
Graduate | Assistant Orientation Manager | Senior Personnel Ofiicer


Hideo Date



Post 2018.06.23 18:00

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

Thanks, all good points B'aldrick :)

Next fleet hopefully in a couple days^^

Laser Skaron



Post 2018.06.25 06:28

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

Thank you Hideo, was an awesome fleet :).

I think this was my all time favorite fleet. Was just nice and dandy, smashing up over and over again :). Comms were great, chain of command was fantastic. Absolutely loved it!

Finally, thank you for letting me try out the Mentored Fleets format. I enjoyed moderating that, and I'm hoping you guys will go for that more often, let the FCC Staff know if that turns out to be useful for your learning longer term.

Hideo Date



Post 2018.06.25 16:17

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

Oh my goodness. Laaaaaaser <3<3<3<3

:oops: :oops:

Thank you very much for that massive endorsement. I was very glad you tried out the program on me :)

Lets see what tonight's fleet brings^^

Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.06.26 17:27

Re: [FLEET] Frigate kitchen sink 2018-06-21

The last thing I needed was that pod loss, especially since I don't have much time to make any serious ISK lately.

How did it happen? I docked up in Stacmon, dropped a clean clone into citadel, and did jump into that exact clean clone (or that's what I've believed I've done).

What I've actually done is doing this way to quickly, so I still had a session timer. Ergo, I never really jumped out of my training clone.

When I engaged that Maulus Navy Issue before fleet, I had a hard time breaking it, and at that moment I realized he was either shiny and / or had Slave Implants. Turns out to be both (we later got his 200+m ISK Maulus Navy), however, when he killed me I let myself be podded, assuming I'm in a clean clone. I even had enough time to warp out, but I didn't...

Lesson learned!

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