[WHC] Well that didn't work


Tylenos Targas



Post 2018.06.24 20:51

[WHC] Well that didn't work

Just a quick recap on this cluster, allow me an apportunity to be grumpy at myself for a bit :)

Mostly an error of not getting properly organized. We went for a quick skirmhish with the 3 known VNI's + Hurricane + Loki on their out-hole.
We had low numbers but could field two alts as utility. We where well aware we had to kill at least one VNI fast.

What went wrong:
- Unlucky landing spot of the (experimental) logi next to the enemy in the dropped bubble, it rightfully melted. I wasn't really counting on its reps but was planning to out-buffer them anyway; still a solo logi at range could have turned the fight in a different direction.
- Our buffers where way weaker than I expected, especially on the Brutix and Proteus. I should have asked for more info on what people where bringing.
- Missed the Stratios in the mix, which I have complained about before and will complain about again. Just don't. Maybe on a gank.
- I was unable to communicate clearly that on a wormhole when getting into low armor you can jump out, hold cloak, get your bearings.

Conclusion: dont allow yourself to get hasty.

Killed: 611.86m
Lost: 853.11m

Troven Smalvard



Post 2018.06.25 09:48

Re: [WHC] Well that didn't work

Proteus loss
I was already in there from finding them, was fine in the engagement and i had my alt on the other side so happy could jump through and there was no tackle that would get me

20% armour announced i was going low and about to jump click approach

15% armour "hole is too small" - coincided with an enemy jumping too and for a second thought was a bug out on that or somehow had crit
(as i'd been through earlier scouting, i know i fit)

spam the try again button - "your to fat - you don't fit" - wtf ccp grrr etc

bugger im 21k tonnes with prop on on a 20k mass limit, decycle prop - die before it shuts down sad face - another lesson learned through loss

also i missed a couple of pods on their side on my alt, as it happens they didn't reship and return but could have
flycatcher had plenty of time to escape but i was annoyed and trying to snag one of the VNIs who came though low in structure so was a throwaway

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