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[AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-06-23T15:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.23 16:35
by Yrgrasil

Roam members (6)

Avrin Dennard - Caracal
Dal Cais - Caracal
De W Javqe - Caracal
Erwin Madelung - Caracal
averoth trojan - Caracal

Kills and Losses
This time wormhole lead to and i set a route to go north to fade/deklein. Sadly we ran really early into a Gatecamp from French ConneXion which chased most of us down while bailing...

First one got killed while we crashed gate, i assume that he was too close to too many webbing ships.

(15:35:28) F-NMX6
Caracal -33.21m

In the next system we ran already in some prepared bubble, so i called to pick any anom/planet whatever and align there and warp as soon as possible. Another three got caught.

(15:42:08) 7RM-N0
Caracal -14.86m
Caracal -15.6m
Caracal -35.53m
Capsule -0.01m

This time just some ceptors were left, a sabre jumped really fast in, i think erwin got just more loved by them than me, so i could bail.

(15:44:14) KLY-C0
Caracal -44.33m
Capsule -0.01m

Regarding to the last one i've uploaded the record, maybe its interesting to see. As i was already a bit off, i had two points left on me, targeted them and scared them with some cycles of the rlml off, so i could warp away. Yeah.. and a lot of heat was involved there.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 143,547,187.86
ISK Delta: -143,547,187.86
Efficiency: 0%

- really aggressive Reaction from the Locals there, will try to not visit them again in the future.
- guess this bubble stuff was nice to see for some in fleet, even if i had preferred something smaller, to get actually some kills out of this...

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-06-23T15:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.23 17:18
by Dal Cais
One minute we were looking for a Dominix in an Anomaly.... who ran away, and a jump after that, we are caught on a gate, and then caught again jumping back. Towards the edge of the bubble, when ordered to scatter.... I attempted to exit the bubble, in a calm fashion. :)
Unfortunately, some of those gate campers must have not seen the 'white flag'..... on top of my turret..... and within seconds, tackled, pointed. :D
A word something like 'Merd'..... entered my head, but as I attempted to something...or find the warp button..... I was done in!

Lot's to learn, Great fun and experience.... and thanks for the Video... I see what you mean...and your overview is so less cluttered than mine.
At least I got a word in on the video.... even if was to say... I was dead!

Dal Cais

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-06-23T15:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.24 21:31
by Yrgrasil
another mail, another feedback

"Solitude Roaming"

Number of Responses: 2

How Would You Rate the Fleet?

Average: 4.5

Would You Attend the Fleet Again?

Yes: 100%

How would you rate the performance of the FC?

Average: 4.5

How was the fleet pacing? (5 is too fast, 1 is too slow)

Average: 3.5

How good were the FC's commands?

Average: 4.5

Additional Comments:

*  Short but Sweet
*  great fleet, even with all of us dying at the gate camp. found out about some tactics to try and burn out of bubble, even if tackled and it's good practice to try and find an align spot before decloaking, mwd on, juggle targets that are tackilng etc. so thanks and cya at the next one.

again only 2/5 who filled the form. Need to encourage this more i guess. Good that people still learned something.

Re: [AAR] Solitude Roaming [2018-06-23T15:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.25 13:30
by Erwin Madelung
I stopped to fill it out because of lazyness. We usually talk about the fleet afterwards anyways. Maybe I should do the feedback form again just because.