AAR -Ad Hoc Learning Roam in NSC


Puzzled Monkey



Post 2018.06.23 23:12

AAR -Ad Hoc Learning Roam in NSC

Roam members (4)
Mongo the Mechanic
Nys Cron
Puzzled Monkey
Kotor Arran

(22.10) 5-TOPZ
Thorax -33.35m
Slasher -2m
Vexor -42.8m
Vexor -20.2m

ISK Lost – 98.35m

Overall Thoughts

✔ (Positive stuff)
1 – Kotor scouted for the first time ever and was quick to learn and execute
2 - This was the first I had to learn to think as an FC (Thanks for all the help Mongo and Nys)
3 – Although I welped us, everyone seemed happy enough
4 – Again Mongo and Nys were super helpful in terms of thought process and what should happen and I gained an appreciation for FCing, the thought process behind it, and hopefully it will be the first of many to learn more and hopefully one day become competent!

✘ (Negative stuff)
1 – We were welped by a Slepnir and two armageddons
2 – I'm still clueless when it comes to FC
3 – I realised how little I still really know and that I need to make a more concious effort to learn all the different ships, their capabilities and on what grounds you need to engage them


The fleet came about a bit ad hoc-ly as we decided to try do a roam and try find something. Kotor volunteered to take on fleet scout and Mongo kindly offered to help me learn a bit about being an FC. We decided to roam down M2-CF1 and loop around Y9G-KS. Things were mostly quiet until we arrived in A-Z.

Kotor identified 15 in local but most people docked. We had the idea for him to poke their home stations to try draw them out into a fight. As we drew a Slepnir out we decided to pull back into 5-TOPZ and see if we could engage on the gate as we were followed into the system. We knew going in that it would be a tough fit but as we were brawl fit we decided to give it a try.

The Slepnir came into the system. Kotor hero tackled quickly and we overheated weapons to try burn through the active shield. Unfortunately before we could make much progress 2 Armageddons jumped into the system and made quick work of pointing and neuting us. We dropped quickly one by one but I think everyone had fun and I most certainly learned a lot from the whole roam.

In retrospect pulling back further system may have reduced the time for the Armageddons to get to us or stopped them completely. I think if we were to do it again that would have helped but I still think it was right to engage to see what would happen and to get more experience in PVP.

Thanks again guys and appreciate the guidance!

Mongo the Mechanic



Post 2018.06.24 20:27

Re: AAR -Ad Hoc Learning Roam in NSC

I just wanted to give props to Puzzled and Kotor for taking on the roles that they did. This was an excellent learning opportunity and a prime example of what the NSC should be doing as much as possible, learning how to fight and roam in Nullsec.

I hope others try their hand out at getting out into the thick of it like they did.

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