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[WAR] HSC QRF Chasing Wartargets in Region @ 2018.06.16

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 18:08
by Ersin Oghuz
There was a report in Intel channels that there was a small gang of Proteus, Legion and Garmur roaming around Verge Vendor and camping gates for engaging lonely travellers. We formed for them originally with a fleet of BLAP Vexors, Hyperion (me) and Dominix (Magnar) and LeFleur in Exequror. We managed to bait them to engage one of us but when the whole fleet jump into system and warps to location they pulled off range and warped away before we landed on grid. So they left grid and we also left system when we saw that they were not taking the fight. The fleet was folded.

Later that day, another Wartarget reported in channel and he was coming to Amygnon with a Hecate. The details were a bit hazy (so I apologize if I miss some information or your name) but we tackled the lonely Hecate at gate and he engaged us instead of jumping to next system and we quickly eliminated the Hecate since it was not very well fitted.

Hecate Kill: 58 million ISK

Later another wartarget reported in Jufvitte in Caracal Navy Issue and we suspect that he just logged in there and he was going to retreat and get out from region. He did that exactly and we tried to chase him down as fast as possible. Jacob was ahead of us and I was telling him we were coming from Amygnon while he was 2 jumps away, but he thought there was another unista next system and he could hold tackle long enough so he can reach him so he tackled the Caracal Navy Issue but sadly there was no support and his frigate destroyed quick.

Ares Loss in Gisleres: 44 million ISK

But we did not give up and we made best speed to target system since now the wartarget has 1 minute weapons timer so he could not leave system. That gave us enough time to catch and and our tacklers heroically tackled him at the next system. We lost several frigates and then Stabber but at that time the Caracal Navy Issue was already tackled and hold on position by others and later it was destroyed.

Engagement in Alentene: 39 million ISK loss, 182 million ISK destroyed

+ Good response overall
+ Tacklers did a good job

Can be Improved :
- Communication error led to loss of T2 Frigate loss but that gave us enough time to catch up so I do not consider that as a complete loss.

Re: [WAR] HSC QRF Chasing Wartargets in Region @ 2018.06.16

PostPosted: 2018.06.20 15:26
by LeFleur
I was soooo close to arriving into this kill. I had even another tackle, but since it was a heavy cruiser tackle, it took what felt like forever to arrive. I was in the system, breaking gate cloak so that I can take part when he blew up.

Re: [WAR] HSC QRF Chasing Wartargets in Region @ 2018.06.16

PostPosted: 2018.06.20 20:31
by Nelliver Cadigal
Not to forget, we also got the capsule of the Hecate pilot:

Re: [WAR] HSC QRF Chasing Wartargets in Region @ 2018.06.16

PostPosted: 2018.06.21 16:31
by Mike Kingswell
The night of the hero tackling!