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[AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 04:08
by Reed Gryphon
Roam members (24)
Alina Lenovit
Annualum - Atron, Incursus
Ares Dodekatheon - Hecate, Brutix Navy Issue
Cruzinn Baker
Drebin 679 - Vigil
Durnik Risalo - Merlin
Ged Sinak - Vexor, Caracal
General Killah - Sunesis
Ghad Makanen
Jacob Velora - Vexor, Ishtar
Kodyak Mack
Mols Halleck - Proteus, Caracal
Nacho Bear - Tristan
Neemo Beer - Vexor
Noodliness - Tormentor
Nuefrau Simalia - Hound
Qi Ito - Rifter, Burst
Reed Gryphon - Tornado
Sakein - Condor, Merlin
Tolan Li - Atron
Usari Hurtini
Xafen Katapi - Purifier
lobevaser - Crow, Caracal

This was a kitchen sink deference fleet formed quickly when war targets began invading Juff and amy, This is also my first time as FC in a fleet like this.

Kills and Losses

Found a retribution on Ansalle gate fleet warped in on gate and lost a few frigates while chasing it eventual killing the retribution on the Juf gate in Ansalle
(23:00:50) Jufvitte
Atron -8.09m
Crow -50m
Incursus -0.69m
Retribution +62.24m

Had a single jackdaw warp on amy gate in Juff, fleet engaged jackdaw and quickly killed it.
(00:44:32) Jufvitte
Atron -1.14m
Jackdaw +73.58m
Capsule +0.01m

Had fleet sitting on juf gate inside amy while proteus was sitting outside Juff, proteus was meant to jump onto amy gate and jump through tho due to miscommunication proteus agressed war targets witch quickly killed him, vexor was also lost due to fleet member accidently jumping gate instead of holding on it, affter WTs engadged proteus fleet jumped gate into WTs who had already killed the proteus, fortunatly fleet caught a hecate who had not warped out with the rest of WTs and killed it.
(01:15:33) Jufvitte
Vexor -22.72m
Proteus -413.48m
Capsule -0.01m
Hecate +124.94m

Fleet camped on Juf gate in Amy while WTs camped Amy gate on Juf side, eventually WTs Jumped into Amy and Fleet Was able to Engage on them Losing a few tackle frigates and a logi frigate but killing an omen, Hacate and Thorax WTs retreated afterwards.
(01:47:30) Amygnon, Jufvitte
Tormentor -0.97m
Atron -11.95m
Condor -4.35m
Burst -1.36m
Omen +47.34m
Hecate +68.47m
Thorax +37.63m

Caught a single OSI on Amy gate inside of juf, lost one tackle frigate but killed the OSI rather quickly.
(02:30:55) Jufvitte
Merlin -0.66m
Osprey Navy Issue +91.41m

WT Fleet reformed and we set up a gate camp again on juf gate isnide of amy, loseing a tristan and a vexor but also killing a vexor and manticore in the, the other 2 hecates on grid managed to escape.
(02:49:43) Jufvitte, Amygnon
Vexor -26.22m
Tristan -2.3m
Manticore +56.43m
Vexor +12.42m

ISK Destroyed: 593,062,709.35
ISK Lost: 579,980,008.91
ISK Delta: 13,082,700.44
Efficiency: 50.558%

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 06:10
by Ersin Oghuz
Nice Job! I checked war report today and was very satisfied when I saw the content you brought ! Miscommunications and mistakes can happen during fleets, the important thing is to analyze them and learn from them. So in that regard I can say that you all did a very good job! Using hero tackles and killing the wartargets; Check, Bringing content to HSC; Check, mobilizing HSC and newbros; Check.... All good!

HSC CAREbears can take CARE of the campus ! :)

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 07:26
by Alexander Oromov
Nice kills and good job on the defense! :D

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 07:53
by Drebin 679
Thanks again for hosting the fleet, Reed! I'll try posting some additional details regarding our skirmishes today, including some stuff that happened outside of our fleet.

Here's a link of all the proceedings.

To begin, our skirmish with BLACKHOGS started on 2016.06.17 at around 22:36 EvE time. I noticed a WT in Jufvitte Local (Treycore in a Jackdaw), but tried to jump to Ansalle in a PvE fit Gnosis. A Retribution was on the other side, but I was able to burn back to gate before it could get too far into my armor. During this time, I let everyone know what was happening on Mumble, and lobevaser warped to a tactical bookmark off of Ansalle gate in Juf. I was able to warp to him before the Jackdaw could point me, and then I was able to warp off to safety. Thanks for that, lobe!

During this time though, Kodyak Mack's Venture was killed in Jufvitte. He was AFK as he had to help his wife with groceries.
(22:38:00) Jufvitte (non-fleet)
Venture -2m

We then started the kitchen sink fleet that Reed would later FC, with lobevaser as our boss. I was in a Maulus at this time. We tried to do two skirmishes in Jufvitte at 23:00 and 23:25, but we weren't able to nail anything down in either skirmish.

We tried to fight the Jackdaw on Ansalle gate in Jufvitte, but it was able to MWD away from most of our fleet, kill tackle and warp off.
(23:00:50) Jufvitte
Atron -8.09m
Crow -50m

I believe either Reed or lobevaser take over as FC for the next fight. Don't recall which, as lobe had cable modem issues in between.

We tried to fight the same Jackdaw again alongside the Retribution on Ansalle gate in Jufvitte, with similar results. The Retribution takes gate, and Reed's Tornado takes the Jackdaw down to structure in one volley, but it MWD'd out of range of further volleys. Meanwhile, Muzzy Chuck, who had just logged on and wasn't in fleet, managed to tackle and take down the Retribution on the Ansalle side in a Stratios. Some of our fleet assisted.
(23:25:00) Jufvitte / Ansalle
Incursus -0.69m
Retribution +62.24m

We then disengage. During that time, someone on Mumble suggested that someone should go fly a Vigil, since Reed's Tornado would be able to apply its artillery cannons better. LeFleur and Mols posted some fits, and then I went and bought a Vigil and fit it as recommended. With Reed getting more comfortable with FC'ing, and Jacob imploring him to take the initiative, things went much better for our fleet.

Before we got our first second Hecate kill, BLACKHOGS were able to take down a Kanen Federation Porpoise in Jufvitte. We would later loot some of that Porpoise's equipment from said Hecate kill.
(01:13:00) Jufvitte (Non-Uni)
Porpoise -190.2m

The Thorax kill was separate from the fight where we fought and took down the Omen and Hecate. Jacob was on a Citadel in Jufvitte with the Thorax. The Thorax aggresses him, and is (nearly) solo killed.
(01:58:00) Jufvitte
Thorax +37.62m

Similar to the Proteus loss, Ged's Vexor death at 2018.06.18 02:49 was also due to a bit of a miscommunication. Our fleet was orbiting the Juf gate in Amy. He accidentally jumped to Juf (or did he warp to Amy gate?), but engaged their fleet instead of taking the gate. We weren't ready to aggress at the time, so we just stayed where we were and he went down. I also jumped over after he engaged, but just took a record of their comp and MWD'd back to gate when my cloak ran out.

(02:49:00) Jufvitte
Vexor -26.22m

They then came over to aggress us on the Amy side, and we were able to land some kills.
(03:00:37) Amygnon
Tristan -2.3m
Manticore +56.43m
Vexor +12.42m

BLACKHOGS were then able to catch a Unista in an Industrial who wasn't in our comms or chatrooms at the time.
(03:08:00) Ansalle (non-fleet)
Badger -35.1m

They had 5 WTs in Jufvitte, more than we were comfortable taking with our shrinking fleet. We eventually decided to stand down, and BLACKHOGS hung around the HSC area for about an hour, only getting another kill and a pod on the same pilot of the Badger who wasn't on comms before leaving.

(03:45:00) Jufvitte (non-fleet)
Heron -2m
Capsule -0.01m

With the Badger loss taken into account, we lost a bit more ISK than BLACKHOGS did, but we all had a lot of fun! Flying the Vigil turned out to be very useful, as Reed reported that his volleys on the T3Ds did a lot more damage. We all learned a lot today, so thanks everyone for participating!

EDIT: Extra info on the Thorax kill and the Heron loss
EDIT 2: Fixed some links

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 13:29
by Tal Tracyn

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 13:38
by Jacob Velora
We are getting some very good content from this war. People are learning their ships capabilities and limitations in a real pvp setting and FCs are stepping up and developing experience.
A few things to note:

1. Try to designate a 2IC so that if you're destroyed someone still on grid can take over. At once point a scatter was called when we didn't need to because you didn't have eyes on the field.
2. Clear communication. This is pretty much always a challenge, or at least something which is up for continuously improving. People were getting confused about being at the Juf gate in Amy vs the Amy gate in Juf and things like that. Using standard terminology helps with this and don't be afraid to ask the fleet to conform to that. As noted there were also 2 instances of people misunderstanding and engaging the enemy on a gate when we weren't prepared for it. That led a Proteus and Vexor to be destroyed. So again i'd make your instructions really clear. i.e "warp to Amy gate and jump, do not engage".

But a good start overall!

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 13:42
by Ersin Oghuz
Jacob Velora wrote: So again i'd make your instructions really clear. i.e "warp to Amy gate and jump, do not engage".

And don't hesitate to repeat them a couple of times (three times is the charm) so it will sink in ;)

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 13:53
by Annualum
Tal Tracyn wrote:can somebody explain this ... _id=489768

That loss was part of the miscommunication problem we had while waiting to engage on the juf gate in Amy. WTs were waiting on Amy gate in Juf.

Mols had been in Gisleres and Ansalle, so split from us by the WTs in Juf, though they weren't aware of him. I think Reed's intention was to have him crash through Juf->Amy gate to link up with us and hopefully draw some WTs through, or allow us to jump and engage inside Juf.

However we ran into a problem where one of our crew in Amy jumped through by accident and got engaged by the WTs trying to burn back to gate.
I think while the chatter about this was going on Mols and his proteus arrived on gate and got stuck in to help our buddy in his vexor. Unfortunately Amy gate crew didn't realise and ended up jumping too late to clear off the WTs.

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 14:12
by Tal Tracyn
Ersin and Jacob made some very good points.
And i'd like to add that if you have problems fitting your ship then please ask in HSC chat but keep in mind that if an FC asks for a certain ship type and fitting then it is for a very good reason.
Keep the comms clear for combat chatter and ask your questions in fleet chat or HSC chat.
Also lets keep the expensive ships in the hanger, we have proven we can beat them with basic T1 ships so lets keep the ball rolling and hit them in the wallet and killboard.

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 14:17
by Annualum
Following on from that, I wanna say thanks to Reed, Lobe and others for taking a punt at FCing!
It was a pretty hard task especially considering the rapidly changing situation of the kitchen sink defense and how agile the WTs were! Mad respect.
I found it really cool that we managed to set up a mini doctrine with our kitchen sink fleet around Reed's alpha tornado and Drebin in his vigil.
I had great fun getting involved, and it was nice to shake off some rust and learn some things!

Stuff I'm gonna focus on for next situation like this:
- More fast tackle frigates fitted and ready to go!
I took the most losses of the night with these I think! :lol:
I wasn't able to get in on a successful killmail with them, but we had a near miss each on the retribution and the jackdaw after lobe and I snagged them.
Not to mention they're great fun to fly. It'd be handy if every unista in Amy could have a few of these on hand.

However I eventually ran out of fitted tackles so I had to look at changing roles. That brought me onto my other thing to focus on.

-More fitted DD ships/backup heavy tackle fitted and ready to go.
I had none! Unforgivable. So I'm gonna be sorting myself out a few t1 BLAP vexor to fill that gap.
After I ran out of derptrons I switched to bringing a maulus for a couple of engagements but I'm not sure I was much use.

Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.18 18:34
by Nuefrau Simalia
Thank you for everyone who participated in the fleet and especially those who stepped forward to provide leadership. The FC job isn't assigned to anyone, it is open for anyone to take and I am glad we had a few folks willing to lead and that there were a good number willing to follow.

Since there was no doctrine, I jumped in a Hound bomber to try it in PvP for the first time since I thought it would be a handy scout and tackle was already covered.

Usually I post my lessons learned on the Uni Killboard, but since I didn't get killed this time I will post them here:
1. I was orbiting the gate while watching for WTs, I should have begun orbiting the WT once they appeared so that I would already be maintaining the right distance when/if I uncloaked.
2. I should have overheated my launchers and other mods before uncloaking so the limited time I had to engage would deal the most damage possible.
3. I bravely ran away! a bomber is an easy kill so when Muzzy in a stratios engaged the WT retribution I decloaked and took some potshots at the WT while painting/damping him. I think the WT realized he wouldn't get the stratios so he tried to close with me to get at least one kill out of the encounter and I realized this in enough time to warp off.
4. I don't know Muzzy Chuck, but as soon as I saw him in system and not in fleet or comms, I tried to message him and let him know what was happening, but he never accepted the convo. Always be in comms and in a fleet, when you are near another campus, join their standing fleets,


Re: [AAR] HSC Deffence Fleet [6-17-18]

PostPosted: 2018.06.24 22:46
by LeFleur
I was the one that suggested a vigil for the tornado as it's a pair made in heaven as they work seamlessly. I'm quite happy to notice a vigil pilot in some of the later kills you got, it shows we all have space to learn and teamwork is great even with the less popular form of ewar.

Great job.