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[AAR] Solitude Interceptors [2018-06-17T13:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.17 17:20
by Yrgrasil
Roam members (6)
Avrin Dennard - Taranis
De W Javqe - Taranis
Erwin Madelung - Claw
Tye Etch - Atron
Yrgrasil - Claw
averoth trojan - Taranis

We had this time luckily a Thera Connection in Solitude, so there were several places to go, i decided to peak into ... #npc_delta and check there two pockets. In GSO-SR we found a Ishtar and could land on him, sadly we weren't able to break him and we scattered. After that we went back to Thera and picked up two which were late.

Kills and Losses

Next exit was we saw some VNIs on the way but couldn't catch them, in some Pocket we found a single drake with t1 drones out, so we engaged and killed him. At least something.

(14:08:29) A4B-V5
Drake +59.21m

As we headed back i saw that we didn't checked one pocket nearby, so we went in and found in the last System a Gila, through the lack of Kills we went ballsy and engaged, well it worked out, sadly we lost one of us while doing this. After that we looted and went home.

Here's the record of the Gila:

(14:30:56) FYI-49
Taranis -39.95m
Gila +427.73m

ISK Destroyed: 486,939,275.01
ISK Lost: 39,953,679.84
ISK Delta: 446,985,595.17
Efficiency: 92.417%

All in all it went okayish, we lost one guy before we killed the drake, so i probably still need to improve the gate name things. Also we had some "incident" with a jaguar :) but all in all i need to say it was a nice fleet for me at least.

Re: [AAR] Solitude Interceptors [2018-06-17T13:00]

PostPosted: 2018.06.24 21:28
by Yrgrasil
got mail, feedback came in

"Solitude Interceptors"

Number of Responses: 2

How Would You Rate the Fleet?

Average: 4.5

Would You Attend the Fleet Again?

Yes: 100%

How would you rate the performance of the FC?

Average: 4.5

How was the fleet pacing? (5 is too fast, 1 is too slow)

Average: 4

How good were the FC's commands?

Average: 4.5

Additional Comments:

* great fleet, first time in null in interceptors, learned a lot, really good explanations for questions. thanks

only 2/5 filled it out, interesting point is "fleet pacing", but it is as expected for these fleets, so i'm fine with the result :)