[Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome


Budda Sereda



Post 2018.06.05 04:53

[Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

Tournament Link: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 4&t=109782
Team Members:
Budda Sereda
Atticus Vex
Bunny Crusher
Jaylus Toralen
Lorkas Zampel
Harai Rex
Reichat Oughto

Total Kills: 19
Total Losses: 28

Regions: 6
- Placid: Algos (Hurray killed it before the rest of the fleet landed)
- Black Rise: Firetail
- Verge Vendor: Venture (Budda killed it before the rest of the fleet landed)
- Cloud Ring: Heretic
- Fade: Stiletto
- Deklein: Imicus

Total ISK
Destroyed: +694.14M
Lost: -491.3
Delta: +202.84M

Most Expensive
Kill: Hecate +140.04M
Loss: Retribution -64.0M

Harai Rex



Post 2018.06.05 21:01

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 4 03:00 - 05:30 (First Roam)

Our team's first roam of the tournament involved Budda and Reichat, with myself (Harai) joining about an hour in. Budda and Reichat kicked off the fleet by engaging a Talos on a gate, with less than stellar results. After that, they reshipped and killed a venture in the same system.

Thrasher -10.7m
Enyo -46.45m
Venture +0.31m

We made our way to Black Rise after I joined. A Jackdaw engaged us on our tacticals around the Hikkoken gate in Pynekastoh, killing Budda and Reichat.

(04:08:21) Pynekastoh
Retribution -64.01m
Thrasher -9.53m

In Neennamaila we found a gang of Firetails fighting a Stabber on the Akidagi gate. Budda and Reichat went down again, but we took down a Firetail and I soloed a Stiletto that accidentally aggressed me on the gate after the fight. The Stabber also went down, but we didn't get more than 50% of total damage.

(04:40:48) Nennamaila
Republic Fleet Firetail +24.53m
Thrasher -9.89m
Thrasher -11.31m
Stiletto +41.71m

We roamed around Black Rise for a bit longer, but didn't find anything else, so we started heading home. I scouted us home and managed to find some targets on the way back. I killed them both before Budda and Reichat could catch up.

(05:10:41) Nennamaila
Kestrel +6.36m

(05:17:36) Aldranette
Algos +1.76m

ISK Destroyed: 74,664,676.82
ISK Lost: 151,889,601.36
ISK Delta: -77,224,924.54
Efficiency: 32.957%

Budda Sereda



Post 2018.06.07 00:14

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 5 (Second Roam)

It was the day of NoP, but we decided to work for the tournament.

Roam members (5)
Atticus Vex - Kestrel
Budda Sereda - Imperial Navy Slicer, Federation Navy Comet
Harai Rex - Tormentor, Tristan
KPYTOE KOPOBO - Tristan, Atron
Reichat Oughto

First I was baited by Tristan on a gate coming to meet the fleet with -5.2 sec status:
(02:50:50) Renarelle
Imperial Navy Slicer -21.87m

We got together, quite quickly were 'found' by frenemies in face of Analiese+Gemma+Calder, they were following us for quite a while. Harai prepared some sort of trap, but opponent brought more than we expected, so we disengaged, but Harai was caught by Dramiel:

(03:23:48) Nennamaila
Tormentor -13.12m

Another time we tried to catch Analies+Co, but that did not work. We tried to split them, but were a bit late and opponent pulled time, regroupped and killed 2 of us.
(03:44:34) Reitsato
Tristan -7.41m
Tristan -5.13m

Candidate to the nomination: fight overshipped.
Harai needed to leave and 3 of us (myself in a Comet + K' in Atron and Attticus in Kestrel) went into null. First it was boring, but later I've landed on a gate with Heretic. He followed me to the other side of the gate where I had Atticus and K'. We would not kill it, but luckily K' scrammed gates so he was able to follow Heretic to another system. He kept Heretic busy long enough so I and Atticus jumped. At this moment Heretic got reinforcements (Sabre). Nevertheless, I called Heretic primary, bypassed Sabre at some range I went for Heretic. I did mistake and came too close, so was scram/webbed, but we were able to get Heretic down before I popped:
(04:29:55) MJYW-3
Atron -5.23m
Heretic +92.33m
Federation Navy Comet -48.38m

ISK Destroyed: 92,334,379
ISK Lost: 101,169,259.64
ISK Delta: -8,834,880.64
Efficiency: 47.717%

Budda Sereda



Post 2018.06.07 00:37

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 6 (Third Roam)

Roam members (5)
Atticus Vex - Catalyst
Budda Sereda - Catalyst
Harai Rex - Malediction
Jaylus Toralen - Catalyst
Reichat Oughto - Catalyst

Though, Jaylus left in 40 minutes.

In Aki we were baited by Brutix: he warped to plex, pulled range, we all landed with delay and at range, he killed 4 of us 1-by-1. K survived when Harai called "scatter":

Kills and Losses

(02:42:03) Akidagi
Catalyst -13.92m
Catalyst -14.06m
Catalyst -10.32m
Catalyst -10.76m

We could do better quite a few things:
1. Learn opponent's fit from KB: https://zkillboard.com/kill/70420516/
5 Catalysts, assuming all L5 skills and perfect application would need 25 seconds to kill that Brutix. We had 2 pilots with low skills. Brutix would kill each of us in 10 seconds. We probably would not be able to kill it at all. Even if we executed everything properly.
2. We should align and fleet-warp all together
3. If ceptor scrammed Brutix, most likely it would be 2-webbed and killed to.

After reship (and Jaylus's leave) we found a few flashy frigates on gate, engaged, they escalated, yet we killed them 1-by-1 and won the grid:

(02:57:12) Nennamaila
Wolf +45.4m
Republic Fleet Firetail +54.78m

A bit later Harai spotted and pointed Algos:
(03:06:48) Nennamaila
Algos +15.4m

We had roam through Black Rise, were again harrassed (less than a day before though) by Analiese and Co, went to null, found nothing until the bubble in PF-346. I called killing bubble, it was moving quite well but we split DPS, and opponents undocked and killed myself, the rest disengaged:

Catalyst -13.89m

ISK Destroyed: 115,592,985.71
ISK Lost: 62,950,601.06

Harai Rex



Post 2018.06.09 23:02

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 7, 01:30 - 03:00

Pretty quiet and short roam involving myself, Kopobo, and Atticus Vex. Spent a long time roaming around Placid and Black Rise with little content. First thing we actually grabbed and held onto was an Atron in Pynekastoh. I went for initial tackle, but got caught in scram range and killed. Kopobo and Atticus finished off the Atron.

Imperial Navy Slicer -25.32m
Atron +12.94m

I went to reship in Ichoriya. Killed a Breacher on the way back.

Breacher +12.34m

Found a Merlin in Pynekastoh. I went for initial tackle again, and died the same way I had died to the Atron earlier. I called the fleet after that.

Imperial Navy Slicer -27.31m
Merlin +17.08m

ISK Destroyed: 42,365,387.34
ISK Lost: 52,629,965.25
ISK Delta: -10,264,577.91
Efficiency: 44.597%

Budda Sereda



Post 2018.06.10 05:04

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 6 (Fifth Roam)

It was HUUUUUGE issue for us to undock... but we made and it appeared to be a good roam :) quite contentful :)

Roam members (3)
Atticus Vex - Thrasher, Catalyst
Budda Sereda - Talwar, Punisher

Today I decided to fly Rocket Talwar: it maybe not that great, but looks engageable and often people assume it is LM fit. Was planned to be an attractive bait.

Kills and Losses

First I killed random flashy capsule sitting afk on a gate:
(02:58:47) Ostingele
Capsule +0.01m

I was waiting for the rest of guys to undock, when Analiese appeared on OST gate, he started aligning to me, dropped probes... My team mates were ready, so I just warped to another BM which was a bit further from the gate so K could warp to me after jump.
Analiese probbed me, landed at 0 (I was afraid he will land at range), but either he mistakenly or in rush warped at 0, or just was concerned for my missiles... I got him scrammed and with K we got him down:
(03:10:23) Agoze
Confessor +60.16m
Talwar -10.95m
Apparently, Atticus was too far, more than 20AU. I wanted to ask him to warp closer or to the gate, but that would spook the prey.
It is sad we got down at the same tick, i guess that's a consequence of using rockets vs lasers. I feel I could call to jump/warp a bit earlier and control my ship (orbit) better to mitigate some damage.

I reshipped, we checked surroundings, and I found Enyo, again in Agoze. We played cat-and-mouse for a bit, while I landed scram, and we together got him down. Deus switched first from myself (in a Punisher already) to Atticus in a Thrasher for obvious reasons and secured the kill:
(03:36:01) Agoze
Thrasher -8.93m
Enyo +55.46m

In Aub we found a FW plexer, who appeared to be a mature PvPer, flying alt in FW corp:
(03:52:09) Aubenall
Catalyst +8m
Capsule +0.01m

That was a very interesting fight, I would even nominate it for the fight overshipped.
We all 3 were flashy (myself in a Punisher, Atticus and K in Catalysts). Hecate aggressed Atticus first, he jumped through in hull.
We could not follow as Hecate was not flashy to us and that could end-up badly. So, Atticus went to repair. And K jumped: to bait Hecate pilot to aggress him, and jump back in shields. Next, I did the same.
Now we all could aggress Hecate. Not all things went well: he jumped to us... but did not warp and took the fight. It was an easy job for us, though we barely lost one of Catalysts.
(04:05:48) Renarelle
Hecate +140.04m

TBH, I don't remember much details, guys bait him on a gate and almost killed him before I even cought up:
(04:20:44) Renarelle
Stabber +50.24m

Hecate pilot reshipped into ONI, we still decided to give him a figth, also because he gave the fight to us. He warped to plex, I followed, guys were a bit behind. I landed on Medium quite close, but messed up controls. With heat my Punisher SLOWLY was closing range, but it was not enough to scram ONI. I've tried to slingshot him, but it was too late. And Atticus did not disengage on time:
(04:29:45) Vlillirier
Punisher -10.24m
Catalyst -10.75m

Overall nice roam, and even though we had only 3 of us we got many interesting kills:

ISK Destroyed: 313,922,686.91
ISK Lost: 40,882,495.95
ISK Delta: 273,040,190.96
Efficiency: 88.477%

Budda Sereda



Post 2018.06.17 03:24

Re: [Small Gang Tournament] Seven Shades of Awesome

June 16 (Sixth Roam)

I guess we all lost motivation, plus RL made some impact on myself at least, but we did come up to undock:

Roam members (3)
Budda Sereda - Punisher, Rupture
Reichat Oughto - Claw

Today I wanted to fly in a brawly Tormentor and roam through null picking up targets of opportunity.

Kills and Losses

First we found a gate camparound 6-C and whelped 2 ships:
(03:05:09) 6-CZ49
Punisher -18.17m
Tormentor -11.14m
I was afraid Confessor will run if he sees 3 of us and decided to land tackle on him, but he killed me before reinforcement arrived. After that, he killed K and Reichat disengaged.

I reshipped into a Rupture which I had nearby, K got back another Tormentor.

We made quite a long route and found 2 kills on our way :)

1st it was a small gang in Fade. Stiletto pointed K in Tormentor, Reichat landed scram and we finished it. We also wanted to grab a Hecate, which was at solid range (50-70km), but he appeared to be rail fit and got both small ships from range.
(04:06:20) X36Y-G
Stiletto +53.57m
Claw -45.09m - Reichat, did you approach Hecate directly? She should not be able to apply to you..?
Tormentor -11.11m

I escaped a Cyclone on a gate, Reichat reshipped in Stackmon and made 20 jumps :) we met and continued to roam. Found a cyno Imicus on a Keepstart, it was not tethered :) when we landed they undocked something big so K run away, but I was already tired and was ok to trade. But I guess their undock was too far from me and I killed Imicus and run away :)

(04:55:55) 3T7-M8
Imicus +1.65m

A bit later we came into a bee hive and after some shananigan I was caught and killed too:

(05:19:52) X3-PBC
Rupture -32.24m

Overall, it was contentful roam, a bit boring, but still was interesting.

ISK Destroyed: 55,221,961.55
ISK Lost: 117,783,159.91
ISK Delta: -62,561,198.36
Efficiency: 31.919%

I guess my team came up the 1st in category "The most regions" :)

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