Post 2018.06.17 13:50

[AAR] Solitude Roaming Fleet (1300 16 JUN 2018)

Roam members (6)
Crimson Herring - Caracal
Decklin Quark Reiger - Osprey Navy Issue
Erwin Madelung - Caracal
Mithlug Ibruin - Caracal
Tye Etch - Caracal
Yrgrasil - Stiletto

We started in Syndicate, hoping to get the drop on a small gate camp that was catching shuttles trying to do the Grand Prix event. They didn't want to play, and bailed leaving an interceptor on a tac. We stuck around for a bit waiting to see if they would form a response to try to take back the bubble they had anchored, and popped a few of the shuttles that got caught. After a little bit it seemed like they weren't going to fight for the gate camp, so we moved on to find juicer targets in the 0T-AMZ pocket.
(13:29:53) 6E-578
Gallente Shuttle +0.02m
Capsule +0.01m
Caldari Shuttle +0.02m
Caldari Shuttle +0.02m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

On the way there, Yrgrasil found a VNI running a site, and managed to tackle it.
(13:49:30) X-M2LR
Vexor Navy Issue +152.08m
Capsule +0.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit +10.03m

The 0T-AMZ poket turned out to be pretty boring. There had been an ice mining group out, but they had advance warning and scattered. They did not seem interested in an arranged fight either, so we head back hoping to try our luck in 9GYL-O. On our way back though, a Machariel landed on the gate with us, and after a short game of chicken it engaged us. I was expecting it to be fit for range, so got a little too close, getting scrammed, webbed, and shredded by 650mm repeating cannons.
(14:34:12) K5-JRD
Caracal -14.38m

The Machariel got away, but brought buddies back. At this point I was OOC, and off grid for a portion of the fight, with Decklin and Erwin calling the shots. Lost a Caracal, but nabbed a retribution.
(14:39:19) K5-JRD
Caracal -14.97m
Retribution +71.7m
Capsule +0.01m

We lost another Caracal travelling back.
(14:54:00) 6E-578
Caracal -11.06m

(15:01:10) 97X-CH
Capsule -0.01m

Overall I think the roam went pretty well. We found some good targets and used what we had effectively. The biggest issue was the fact that I let myself get killed so quickly engaging the Machariel. There really wasn't any reason I should have been within scram/web range.

ISK Destroyed: 233,913,154.6
ISK Lost: 40,425,352.19
ISK Delta: 193,487,802.41
Efficiency: 85.264%