AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18


Union Pivo



Post 2018.06.18 22:41

AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18

Roam members (20)
Alexander Oromov - Federation Navy Comet
Analiese Aubernet - Confessor
Darth Galifreia - Retribution
Durnik Risalo - Maulus
Ged Sinak - Atron
Imad Gratia - Punisher
Juno Iseri - Retribution
Keladon Kross - Inquisitor
Laser Skaron - Deacon
Malcom X Little - Reaper
Marn Vermuldir - Deacon
Mike Kingswell - Maulus
Pink Kondur - Punisher
Rikali Laru - Enyo
Susan MacDuff - Slasher
Tisiphone Tagetes - Punisher
Toma Heleneto - Atron
Union Pivo - Magus
Zarquu Fussuhfusus - Deacon
averoth trojan - Enyo

I was a bit late for my formup, so people got organized mostly them self.
We had quite good mix of ships, form dps logi, command dessie and combat prober.

Idea was to go to Black Rise and kill some stuff.

We went through ouleta->heydilis route, because there are ocasional good fights there.
This time we were not so lucky, in heydilis we only found some 1918 guyes playing station games.

Kills and Losses

Nice start for a fleet. Forgot to whore on a kill, was convinced it was a cyno.
(18:41:23) Ostingele
Covetor +26.41m

We caught this one on a regional gate. he could have crashed but decided to engage anyway.
I think someone mentioned that he is an spectre fc. The fit is a bit strange.
(19:05:52) Abune
Stratios +231.73m

So scouts found two ravens killing each other on a novice gate. They were at it for a while, so we helpfully speed up the process :-D
And scythe FI was too cure for himself, and tried to pick us off, but we manged to get him, once he warped to a different plex.
There was some salt in local.

(19:12:52) Hikkoken
Atron -4.62m
Raven +247.08m
Raven +463.92m
Scythe Fleet Issue +149.76m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant +0.01m

There was another fight in Tama, unfortuatly we were late, so all we got was an osprey.
I thought at a time that i took to long and that we lost kills, but looking back it was correct call.
(19:48:06) Tama
Osprey +21.54m

So in Sujerento there was a fight. Forgot the details, but one side was kitty bulshit, ONI and orthruses. While waiting for scouts to report on ongoing of a fight, this jucy target jumped into us.
(19:55:30) Tama
Bhaalgorn +400.46m
Enyo +55.34m
Maulus -17.23m

We went on citadel to repair (Thanks PUSHX) and while there scouts found that kitty bulshit gang on the other side of the gate.
So thinking was that if we get them at 0, we could kill at least one or two.

It didn't work that way, and most of the enemy successful burned away from the gate without getting tackled.
I decided to extract before we lost anybody. Boosh worked nicely for that. On the same citadel Analise called that he probed and tackled one of the ONI's so we warped back and killed it, and then we murdered another one. Other ONI's and orthuses just let their friends to die.

(20:05:11) Tama
Omen Navy Issue +96.18m
Maulus +3.74m
Atron -9.54m
Omen Navy Issue +97.48m

We found a fleet of t1 friges and went baby seal clubing them. They warped to a novice, but we caught some late commers.

(20:18:15) Kedama, Hirri
Rupture +38.5m
Kestrel +7.61m
Inquisitor +4.93m
Slasher -3.84m
Kestrel +13.4m
Capsule +0.01m

Here then the communications fell apart. Some wanted to further chase that t1 fleet. And we knew that spectrefleet was somewhere near.
We were pretty split up, and some people on comms telling people where to go and who to go next. So i told people to warp where other people already warped, to at least try to keep us together. Apparently i didn't hear that fleet of 30 algoses was in the next system over, so when i heard that something was tackled, i just jumped in and warped the fleet. and just as we entered warp was a comment, "don't come 30 algoses here" :) 5s too late :cry:

My take away is that while sometimes its good to keep pursuing fleeing enemy and trying to get kills, you can't let yourself get to spread out, and sometimes it's better to let your scouts die rather than jumping into situation you have no clear picture of.

(20:26:33) Kedama, Pynekastoh
Capsule -0.01m
Confessor -87.06m
Deacon -64.92m
Deacon -97.86m
Magus -110.84m
Enyo -58.27m
Inquisitor -5.1m
Punisher -18.75m
Punisher -9.88m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,858,091,051.2
ISK Lost: 487,934,792.67
ISK Delta: 1,370,156,258.53
Efficiency: 79.202%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

Durnik Risalo



Post 2018.06.18 23:12

Re: AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18

I'm fairly new at running with fleets. This was a great fleet and very fun.

I was in the Maulus that died in Tama. I guess I was the one that initially aggressed the target because I drew gate gun fire. A couple of shots later, and I was in a pod.

I didn't realize that I was the initiator on that target and therefore became suspect. So, I need to better spot that situation and if I do become suspect on a gate/station, then bounce warp to lose gate gun agro.

Once I was in my pod, I couldn't adequately reship, so I left fleet and headed back to HSC.

Laser Skaron



Post 2018.06.19 07:17

Re: AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18

The ONI fight was beautiful, great job logi, keeping everyone up there. We easily had enough theoretical reps on the field there to hold, but they were also doing a great job splitting us apart and keeping your Deacons busy.

Regarding the final engagement, the biggest issue there is we approached it like a gank. They had positional advantage, they were holding grid, hoping for a fight, thought later about it and we had no reason to 1) try and go there to hold tackle, 2) not try and spook them. That was a fight where we should have just got eyes on them, then fleet warped, held warp bubble as we landed, and then brawl. We would have also also had the option of going for a boosh there (though I suspect they would have scrammed us). Worst case, I guess there would have been a few jumps around before we got into a fight. Rushing there was the only problematic issue.

Erwin Madelung



Post 2018.06.19 07:46

Re: AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18

The raven fight is on twitch if anybody is interested in the other perspective. (Romantic Exorcism = Bjorn Bee)

Alexander Oromov



Post 2018.06.19 15:22

Re: AAR Armor frigates 2018-06-18

Fun to watch Bjorn.

I came late, but from what I felt we had a good fleet. At the end, communication fell apart really badly though. It started already to fall apart before the welp.


1st Situation

I believe having heard someone say: "Warp to medium!" It came out of nowhere. Subsequently, half the fleet jumped into the next system. The other half stayed. Confusion spread and on top of it, Union was not aware of this and couldn't use his fleet as he intended to, when he needed it on that gate.

--> First, whoever spoke: Who are you and where were you. Give us some more information next time. Also what was on that Medium? Who were you talking too.
--> Second, I know it's tempting, but Union is in command. Only ever listen to his calls.

2nd Situation

Going from the first situations, there was already confusion spreading around. We started to chase the T1 frigate gang, than we saved up, than the Algos gang came in. We woke up from tether and repairs I believe and started to search for them actively. Scouts warped around. They were found and fleet warped to their outgate. Now, one of us was already in system, he couldn't give intel, because he was not ready. Someone else took over and started to report what was happening. Someone else, maybe the same guy who was already there, started to talk over the first guy, re-reporting the same thing, but with much more haste, making it sound like an opportunity or threat. A third guy, went in for stuff, reporting more things and we ended up landing on the massive Algos gang, that was chasing the T1 frigate gang into the Novice.


What could be done better:

--> It's Union's responsibility to literally shut up people, reaffirm intel, and chose who he wants to talk / report. Can't be that everyone is talking.
--> Calm down, slow down. Listen to what has been said already. Balance active participation, with listening. Try to reinforce FC as decision maker.
--> Use a reporting scheme: Who, where, what --> John in Tama at the Sun, I have an Orthrus in the Caldari Medium Complex, 360 Scan yields 4 ONI's

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