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[Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.02 13:40
by Gemma Solett
I would like to preface this by saying that the name of our team was chosen by Trixie and Mols, much to my chagrin.

Team Members:
Devoros Vyndiver
Endaras Oramara
Gemma Solett
Hank Asanari
Johnathan Bolt
Lord Bartok
Mols Halleck
Trixie Lapin

Total Kills: 37
Total Losses: 36

Regions: 4
-Black Rise-
-Verge Vendor-

-Total ISK-
Destroyed: 1,398,203,077.11
Lost: 1,094,071,615.56 (280,561,615.30 without the incident)
Delta: +304,131,461.73 (+1,117,641,462.81)

-Most Expensive-
Kill: Daredevil 450M
Loss: Capsule 811M (lets all just pretend this didn't happen)

I'll be adding new AARs to this thread as replies, in an attempt to keep the board relatively clean. If this is a problem let me know and Ill rectify it ASAP.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.02 13:43
by Kora K
Gemma Solett wrote:I would like to preface this by saying that the name of our team was chosen by Trixie and Mols, much to my chagrin.

We should have added a "Best team name" category, good choice Trixie and Mols :)

I'll be adding new AARs to this thread as replies, in an attempt to keep the board relatively clean. If this is a problem let me know and Ill rectify it ASAP.


Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.02 14:10
by Gemma Solett
The First Roam: Title Pending

Roam members (2)
Gemma Solett - Punisher
Trixie Lapin - Punisher

Trixie and myself wanted to give the Punishers a test around Black Rise. We set off relatively quickly after ensuring ammo and drugs were all in order, and got down to business pretty much straight out of the gate:

Kills and Losses

(11:44:58) Annancale
Algos +16.42m
Lots of big and shinies warping about through Agoze, but not much engageable. A quick pop into Annancale found us an Algos at a small just 2au from our in gate. Scram was called and Trixie slid in, the Algos started off shooting the wreck that I assume they had been salvaging. By the time they realised their mistake it was too late, and we had our first kill.

(12:04:55) Akidagi
Punisher -7.9m
Punisher -7.14m
Capsule -0.01m
I engaged an Incursus that was sitting at 0 outside of a plex, Trixie was with me only a few seconds behind. Even with both of us whaling on it we couldn't break its dual rep plate fit before it managed to chew through the double plate of myself, then Trixie. In hindsight we should've scattered after seeing more than 8 'big reps' that I had assumed to be a SAAR, then only one of us would have to go down.

(12:14:16) Akidagi
Punisher -0.47m
Capsule -813.51m
Warped through from Ichoriya to grab a Punisher hull, as there were none available in system. Gate was clear and I thought it would be safe to warp directly to Ichoriya (Protip: It never is). I probably could've got my pod out but in my panic I thought that I had already been podded when the punisher blew up. Goodbye snakes, you served me well o7

(12:31:23) Murethand
Bantam +0.24m
Bantam slid into us, then was promptly melted by Trixie as I tried to kite out.

(12:34:02) Murethand
Algos +6.99m
Algos slid into us, then was promptly melted by myself as Trixie tried to kite out

I guess we're both too used to kitey Punishers

(12:52:30) Costolle
Retribution +263.26m
We encountered a gate camp at Abune, so decided to turn around and head back the other way. I poked my head into Costolle and found a Retribution at an Astrahus, but didn't think much of it. Trixie opened up a plex and warped to it, and we both slid in. The Retribution sat outside for a short while, but eventually slid into us, then immediately started to kite away. I was a little worried it would be a brawly Retri, which could give us some problems. We both managed to land scram, and thanks to our MWD fit it had no chance at sliding away. Unfortunately its base speed was still higher than ours, causing to have to pulse MWD to keep up, thus blowing our sig way up and reducing transversal by chasing it. Trixie called out that they close to getting popped by the Retri, so we went full OH, managing to kill it with the last cycle of Trixie's guns before they burned out.
Loot fairy was very kind to us, dropping all of the shiny mods.

ISK Destroyed: 286,906,804.01
ISK Lost: 829,037,900.79
ISK Delta: -542,131,096.78
Efficiency: 25.71%

A pretty fun little roam, and a good test of the abilities of our Punishers. The DPS isn't massive so we will have to be careful going forward, hopefully we'll have a few more people on the next one and wont get killed by a lone Incursus :-P

I didn't even want that pod anyway

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PostPosted: 2018.06.02 14:14
by Decklin Quark Reiger
The loot fairy was very kind indeed!

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.02 14:25
by Trixie Lapin
Some thoughts on the Punishers:
1. It would be really nice to have a web, but with only the two of us we decided to both have scrams. The third Punisher should definitely have a web.
2. I wonder whether we wouldn't do more damage with null than with void. Dual-plated Puns have the agility of an old, arthritic and overfed pig and I constantly felt like I was struggling to apply my dps. In the Retri fight, my logs showed a few complete misses.
3. Dual 400mm plates are still awesome.

edit: I guess the issues of applying dps and not having a web are related.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.02 15:19
by Gemma Solett
Yeah, I think for what we were engaging web+scram would've been a better choice. I thought that both having scram might help us if we came up against more than one target, but I don't think there were any cases where 2 scrams would've helped us.

In terms of application, I was using antimatter most of the time, as our targets were relatively small. If you orbit 500 with MWD on then you'll be right on the edge of antimatter/void range in a best case scenario, worst you'll be halfway out through null range. Best course of action is to use MWD to catch up to target, then turn it off. If you are not careful you can easily overshoot and end up well out of range then have to burn back in, all while the target is applying dps, so manual piloting is quite important with these.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.04 00:08
by Mols Halleck
The second roam: First time FC'ing something

Roam members (4)
Devoros Vyndiver - Punisher
Endaras Oramara - Punisher
Johnathan Bolt - Punisher
Mols Halleck - Punisher

Going to start by saying that I had never FC'd anything, the rest of the team that was present at the time decided I was the one with the most experience so I went with the responsibility of it. The details of most the roam are hazy but I'll relate what I can remember:

We started the route with a loop around lowsec taking us into Kedama and back through Ouelleta, most of the first half of the route was empty and we found no content, until we came to a flashy rupture on a gate, this is something I was not sure about at the time, I doubted the tankiness of the punisher, so I decided we should not engage, he was autocannon fit so we would not totally avoid damage by orbiting and we simply took the gate and carried on.

When we got to Kedama I warped to a novice in search for a tormentor that was on dscan, he came right after me and slid inside, got scram on him and called the rest of the gang, he was kiting but we got webs on him and managed to get him in what ended up being the only kill we got. A Tristan came in during the fight but nope'd out of the plex when he saw us all in there.

The rest of the loop was spent engaging a Cruor that managed to neut the tackle out and warp off and a Vigil Fleet Issue, Kelon was back for us, we tried to engage but the webs allowed him to kite us and we disengaged.

Towards the end of the fleet the servers started acting weird and we lost local and at times dscan so we called it and headed back into Stacmon.

Kills and Losses

(02:45:08) Kedama
Tormentor +12.61m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 12,620,694.85
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 12,620,694.85
Efficiency: 100%

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.04 04:16
by Gemma Solett
The Third Roam: I am still bad at titles

Roam members (4)
Endaras Oramara - Punisher
Gemma Solett - Punisher, Minmatar Shuttle
Mols Halleck - Punisher
Trixie Lapin - Punisher

We decided to go with 2 scram and 2 web Punishers on this roam, following some discussion after the last one. The webs turned out to be a massive help in taking down frigs, and should definitely be included on later roams.

Kills and Losses

(21:42:56) Eugales
Merlin +0.33m
Caught a plexer
Killed a plexer

(22:18:56) Pynekastoh
Cormorant +18.1m
We saw a corm at a small and decided to go for it. It turned out to be a longbow corm sitting 100 off in the direction of the plex that Endaras was still at. A short warp later and it was tackled, myself and Endaras quickly reduced it into space debris.

(22:23:39) Pynekastoh
Svipul +77.07m
Capsule +6.27m
A couple of minutes later we found a Svipul at a medium. I thought that we may have had some trouble if it was autocannon fit, but Trixie assured it would be an easy kill either way. We slid into it together, thinking it would probably just warp out. Fortunately for us it was still sitting on the beacon at 0. It took Trixie into about half armour before it made the magical transformation into a capsule.

(22:44:33) Reitsato
Punisher -8.9m
Punisher -9.03m
Punisher -7.61m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.7m
We weren't quite sure if we could take a Drake with 4 frigates, but decided to go for the fight. Initially it was just the one Drake on grid outside a medium, and we were making good progress through its shields. We were planning to rotate tackle, as the Drake wasn't doing masses of damage to us, but being buffer tanked did mean we would eventually need to warp off. As I was calling for Mols to warp off several tackle frigs landed on grid with us and started grabbing point on us all. Local spiked and soon we had 10 Drakes instead of the 1 that we expected. Mols managed to escape, but unfortunately the rest of us did not. I did manage to kite out of point range of the Drakes, but a scram pass from their inty allowed their missiles and drones to catch up.
We likely could've killed the Drake if it didn't have a fleet behind it, but should've realised something was fishy after a Drake warped to a plex while we were following it through several systems.

(22:57:38) Onatoh
Minmatar Shuttle -0.02m
While enroute to reship in Stac Mols found 2 smartbombing Rokhs in Onatoh. Being the smart lad that I am I made the excellent decision to warp directly to the gate with 2 smartbombing Rokhs

In a shuttle
In a brand new 1B pod

I don't think I have ever spammed warp more in those few seconds. The pod managed to escape with 20% structure, but my sanity was not in the best state. Following a brief discussion in which I expressed my desire to be the fastest dual plate punisher there ever was, and the other members of the roam telling me that I would still be overtaken by an arthritic sloth I decided it was probably for the best to jump clone back to Stac, and grab the pod later.

(23:31:45) Oinasiken
Rifter +5.24m
Capsule +0.01m
Slid into an arty Rifter (sitting at 0?). The web was annoying until we got our own on it, had to keep pulsing MWD to keep up allowing it to get the odd hit in. We bounced out and landed on top his pod by chance, so we tackled it. Feeling a little bad we asked if he would like to be podded home, or let go. The response we got was not the happiest:
[ 2018.06.03 23:32:48 ] Alosander > lol
[ 2018.06.03 23:32:50 ] Alosander > turds
Rage descended upon Trixie, and he smote young Alosander with extreme prejudice, and 4 Light Neutron Blasters.

(23:42:31) Oinasiken
Punisher -10.09m
Punisher -10.77m
Punisher -7.41m
This was actually a really fun fight against a Stratios. It started shortly after Trixie had calmed down from his previous rage. The Strat had tried to engage us previously, but unfortunately a Confessor warped in at 100 from us and we were forced to scatter. We attempted to bounce back onto the Confessor but it was long gone by the time we even started aligning back. We decided to slide straight into a medium, as the Confessor or Strat would have to Slide into us at our optimal. The Strat slid in and we started our plan, to defang the Strat and then attempt to burn through its reps when it couldn't damage us. The pilot was good, only letting the drones take a minimal amount of damage each time, but it also meant it was taking a good while to damage us. We were making slow progress, dealing damage to the Strat when it recalled drones then switching to the most damaged drone we could find as soon as they were locked. Unfortunately it started to stagger neuts properly, effectively nullifying 2 of our ships at a time. I called to overheat and switch all DPS to the Strat when it reached about 25% armour, managing to burn it down to 10% structure before it killed Mols. With one of our scrams down and another Punisher close to going down we tried with everything to break it, but it was just about holding in low armour. Eventually the neuts were on me, the other scram fit punisher. I called that my scram was down and to try bumping the Strat, which worked for all of 10s before it warped off to an Astrahus. I followed hoping for some kind of miracle, but was subsequently shown the error of my ways.

A bit of a tactical blunder on my part, I assumed that the Stratios would only have 2 sets of light drones but this turned out to be a grave mistake. We chatted with the pilot in local for a little after the fight, both having come away from the fight satisfied, even if we had lost. The pilot let us know that his reppers were 90% overheated, even just a little more DPS or a little more time and we would have had him. It was a really close fight and honestly some of the most fun I've had in the past few months.

(23:54:11) Heydieles
Punisher -9.09m
The lone survivor of our Stratios fight discovered the rules about gatecamping
Do: Not jump into a gatecamp
Don't: Jump into a gatecamp
Unfortunately these rules were not followed, leading to the untimely disassembly of Endaras' Punisher

ISK Destroyed: 107,022,729.21
ISK Lost: 63,630,492.35
ISK Delta: 43,392,236.86
Efficiency: 62.714%

Again, a really fun roam. In both the Drake and Stratios fight we decided 'what do we have to lose' and just jumped into it, something that would be a little harder to do in Faction/Pirate/T2 ships.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.04 04:51
by Gemma Solett
Mols Halleck wrote:Going to start by saying that I had never FC'd anything

Congratulations on your first fleet FCing! I don't mind being FC for small gang, as you tend to nudge people into the right place and let them do their thing, rather than herd cats like you would in a larger fleet. If you ever feel like stepping up again and taking the reins then go for it, could always use more people willing to try it out.

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PostPosted: 2018.06.04 14:04
by Trixie Lapin
Endaras and I took a couple of Punishers out for a quick roam, first thing in the morning for me while Endaras heroically tanked wife aggro at 11pm to go kill some stuff. This time we mixed up the tackle so that we had one scram and one web between us.

We began by roaming up the Verge Vendor side and killed an Executioner in Agoze (poor guy had Uni set blue for some reason, so I paid his loss):

Then we got a Tristan in Heydieles:

A few minutes later, we spotted a Retribution tethered at a citadel. He knew what we had so we warped to a small and he pursued. He landed at 50km (confirming the kiting fit) so we slid the gate. He came in and we landed the scram and web as he attempted to kite off:

We took a short break for coffee and came back to find that the Abune gate was heavily camped so we headed back down the pipe and ganked an afk Heron under gate guns:

At this point, Endaras's tank was finally breaking under sustained wife aggro ("Park your spaceship and come to bed.") so we decided to return to Stacmon and call it. We had seen a Stay Frosty guy out in a Stabber Fleet Issue a couple of times. Obviously we weren't going for that, so he downshipped to a more plausible Dragoon and waited for us at a small in Ouelletta. It's a really good thing he aggressed my tankier, dual-plated Punisher because I had only a shred of armor left when he popped:

I don't know how to use the AAR tool, but it's 5 kills, 0 losses, ISK Destroyed: 114,208,732.76.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.05 04:35
by Trixie Lapin
We took three Punishers out this time with me, Lord Bartok, and Devoros Vyndiver. We headed up the Placid side towards Black Rise since I had noticed a gate camp in Heydieles at Abune about half an hour earlier. We had to dodge the fleets that were after the NoP fleet, but made it successfully up into Black Rise without incident. We tried to get fights in Nennamalia and Hikkoken but were declined until we found what we were looking for in Pynekastoh: a Coercer and Comet defending inside a small complex. I want to stress two things here. First, that that is an evil pair of high-dps ships to face in three T1 frigates. And second, that Devoros and Bartok are really new to this kind of pvp. In fact, on the way up, we were going over a lot of the basics on how to fly and fight and get intel in these kinds of really small gang fleets. So here's how it went down:

We land on gate and see that they are set up inside. This is a huge advantage to the defenders since they get to decide the initial range at which the engagement begins. We decide to slide into them and go all three together. We go for the Coercer first because we absolutely must remove its dps from the fight ASAP and it's actually squishier than the Comet. I get primaried and start eating at least 700 dps to the face and go down pretty quickly. But never fear because IVY newbros take that kind of crap from absolutely nobody. I'm still coaching from my pod telling them they have to get that Coercer fast, and you know what? He goes down just like he needs to. They switch up to the Comet but Bartok goes down as well leaving Uni's newest pvper to face a blaster Comet in a Punisher with T1 guns. AND HE DRAGS THAT DUDE TO THE CURB AND BREAKS HIS ******* SKULL! UNI INVICTA!

The he got ganked by some other fleet 20 seconds later cuz that's how we roll in Black Rise.

I can't tell you how proud I am of these guys. That was an incredibly difficult fight for us and we won it. Narrowly, but we won it. I always hear people saying that they don't have the experience or the skill points or whatever to get into serious pvp. It's not true. Bartok and Devoros are new guys too and they just won a hero's victory.

Kills: Previous damage was from a Vengeance that couldn't take these guys (see the ADC in the Comet's cargo). They were at full strength when we fought them.


ISK destroyed: 57,850,441.69
ISK lost: 21,036,260.68

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.05 04:45
by Endaras Oramara
Absolute legends! You've got the blood lust now. :D

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.07 03:42
by Trixie Lapin
Devoros and I went for a quick roam. Not much of an AAR to write here. We killed Zlippery Pete, apparently afk:

Then we went for an arty Thrasher in Pynekastoh but had trouble applying our dps. I went down first:

But Devoros kept him scrammed as we got jumped by a third party fleet. The Thrasher died:

And so did Devoros:

ISK Destroyed: 14,843,856.30
ISK Lost: 15.734,901.66

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.07 16:44
by Devoros Vyndiver
I had an absolute blast with Trixie and Bartok the other night! Took me 30 minutes after I logged off to be to get to sleep lol.

Last night was fun too, though we really just couldn't find many people that wanted to play with us. Everyone kept warping off lol.

Re: [Small Gang] Gemma's Germs

PostPosted: 2018.06.09 21:32
by Gemma Solett
The Seventh Roam: Honestly not sure why I even try to title these
Roam members (4)
Devoros Vyndiver - Punisher
Gemma Solett - Punisher
Lord Bartok - Punisher
Trixie Lapin - Punisher

We hadn't gone out in a couple of days, so Trixie pinged our slack group and got us all organised for little roam then we headed off to black rise, to kill or be killed

Kills and Losses

(18:33:08) Frarie
Atron +0.38m
Atron +0.38m
We started off in Frarie with a plexing Atron. Trixie snagged it and the pilot ejected and warped off. We killed the empty Atron hull, then the same pilot entered system, warped to a plex and did the exact same thing again. We briefly mused about farming them for free Atron hulls, but being the morally upstanding pirates that we are we left system and continued on.

(18:43:15) Moclinamaud
Malediction +72.01m
Federation Navy Comet +39.96m
Really nice little snatch by Trixie here. Trixie found a Malediction and Comet at a plex, and we decided to go for it. I assumed the Malediction was a scout for a fleet and wanted to burn the Comet quickly, but catch the Malediction if it was within scram range. Luckily for us the Malediction was a scram kiter and Trixie landed scram almost instantly. The comet warped out and the Mal switched over to orbiting Trixie. At this point the rest of us were landing. With the Malediction pulling 1200ms we had to do a little bit of manual piloting to keep within range and match transversal. Seconds after the Mal popped Devoros called that the Comet had just slid back in and tackled him. We all piled on it and melted it without any problems.

(18:56:33) Vlillirier
Corax +6.15m
Capsule +0.01m
Half fit LM Corax sitting at 0. Not much to be said really. I may have accidentally gone criminal at this point, owing to some shenanigans earlier in the week in which my safety was set to red.

(19:00:47) Vlillirier
Punisher -7.47m
Punisher -10.45m
Punisher -7.07m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
We weren't quite sure if we were going to go after the Omen, thinking that if it was nano fit and had range we probably wouldn't be able to catch it. Trixie decided to warp to plex and see how it was positioned. A couple of seconds later we heard 'warp to me warp to me! Omen scrammed!' and the fight was on. Unfortunately for us the Omen was dual web fit. Without the webs we could easily get under the Medium Pulse lasers, but as soon as those Webs were on and you started falling behind the Omen, you got torn apart. We only managed to get it to about 2/3 armour before scatter was called, unfortunately a bit too late.

(19:28:48) Ouelletta
Thrasher +12.5m
Capsule +0.01m
We decided to pop down the Verge Vendor side of the FW area to see if there was anything different going on. After dodging a small gang of 20 Navy Scorpions we had a choice between a Thrasher at a small and a Thorax at the medium. After some deliberation the Thrasher was chosen, with the Thorax being a secondary target. Thrasher went down with Trixie in hull, and we all quickly repped up then aligned to the medium...
(19:33:51) Ouelletta
Punisher -7.03m
Punisher -7.09m
Capsule -0.01m
Seems to be a reoccurring theme for us :D
My god that was another great fight though, same issue as with the Omen, although the Thorax only had a single web. If we had one more web we might have had him, as the only Punisher with a web (me) was the primary, and after that he had free reign on field. It was still an extremely close fight, with us scattering with the Thorax in less than 10% hull. I thought that we wouldn't be able to break it with just the 2 punishers but a few shots broke through its dual rep just as we called to scatter. A few more shots and it would've been down. A great learning experience for all of us, and a reminder to keep an eye on your heat levels :P

(20:04:39) Murethand
Daredevil +450.14m
Punisher -11.43m
Scientific proof that Karma is real. The Daredevil had been Bouncing around Mel with us trailing it, before we decided to give up and move on. Trixie jumped into Murethand and the Daredevil followed as the rest of us landed on gate. It warped to a medium, and we all jumped in as Trixie entered warp behind it. A brief discussion on price of Daredevils mid warp ("Yeah, it will probably be about 70m") was broken by a very excited Trixie yelling "SCRAM! Get to me quick!" I landed a couple seconds after and got webs on DD as quickly as possible, Then Bartok got a secondary scram on it. It was just slowly breaking under the pressure of three Punishers, dipping ever so slightly into hull with each SAAR rep, but it was taking huge chunks out of Trixie with each shot. It popped, and we all cheered as I pulled up the killmail, and just muttered 'oh...', which was followed shortly by another cheer when Trixie saw the killmail. At this point a condor and several other ships landed on grid and we decided to skedaddle. Luckily my align out took me just close enough to grab the 100m of loot before warping out. Unfortunately Lord Bartok was not so luckily and was pointed then summarily turned into debris.

As we left system we encountered the rest of their fleet, mostly comprised of "a whole bunch of Ishtars" and decided not to engage.

(20:20:18) Ostingele
Punisher -7.1m
Still coming down off the adrenaline high we decided to go for another Corax. Unfortunately this time they were actually fit, and not sitting on the beacon at 0. It managed to warp out after killing Trixie, as unfortunately we had no scrams on grid to hold it, only webs.

ISK Destroyed: 581,556,105.42
ISK Lost: 57,676,262.28
ISK Delta: 523,879,843.14
Efficiency: 90.977%