The Velvet Fog Small Gang.


Rebulah Conundrum



Post 2018.06.02 23:56

The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

Item the First: The Velvet Fog.

Some of you may ask "Why?" Well, to that that question we would submit
and ask "Why you are not called The Velvet Fog?" High Fidelity, Low Anxiety - your silence will be our answer.

Item the Second: The Roam:

Members of this heroic endeavour were:

Iskarr Jarak - Enyo
Rebulah Conundrum - Enyo
Trillian Ituin - Enyo, Federation Navy Comet
averoth trojan - Enyo

A finer bunch of Pirates has rarely been seen across New Eden. Our intentions were to Kick Ass and huff Vitoc, and we were all out of Vitoc. We sat sail for Abune as our Captain (Praise Him) had checked Dotlan and seen kills and stuff there, and was of the opinion that some idiots might be in space. That belief was sorely tested and we will return to that point later.

We undocked all in Enyos, resplendent in our ADCII mods and checked plexes and belts as we progressed across the silence of space. Nothing. We were clearly too awesome and intimidating, sometimes a server tick or two away from glory on gates. Our belief is that CCP needed to balance the playing field.

Eventually we arrived at Heydiles and became aware of an Atron on a plex. It was not at all suspicious or in any way baity, so we went for it - Trillian was first on grid and heroically tackled as the rest of the warriors (pilots, not drones. Although we had Warrior drones, It's complicated) warped in and sent the Atron to Valhalla. As that was happening, however, loads of really nasty ships from R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N warped in and shot at us. They managed - through evil intention - to kill some of us, but our revenge was complete as we set in chain a number of events that culminated in the Hookbill kill as seen below. "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry" as a person said once. We totally planned that kill, honest.

(19:03:10) Heydieles
Atron +0.45m
Enyo -46.12m
Enyo -61.49m
Caldari Navy Hookbill +183.29m

After our complete victory in Heydiles we chilled in a Station as Trillian and Iskarr reshipped and when they rejoined we headed out to Pynekastoh, as we were aware that the system was short of regular heroes. At this point Trillian reshipped into a Fed Navy Comet, which is not reflected in the fleet make-up above - that is clearly a CCP bias against us but we shall, as always, rise above such aggression. While in Heydiles however, we were assailed by a rag-tag bunch of yahoos who, quite frankly, lowered the tone across the region. After passing a few pleasantries we moved on, as to treat more with such types would have been social suicide. Such types as them speak of things like cheese and moose, and are not to be encouraged.

As we jumped into Pyne we discovered a Wolf on gate - he or she was dispatched without care as we went about our business, a poor Atron also had to find the sweet bliss of eternal damnation as it got in our way. Unfortunately we lost Averoth in this encounter, CCP having once again loaded the dice against us by allowing gate guns to destroy him. Sad times indeed.

(19:49:23) Pynekastoh
Wolf +46.97m
Enyo -45.91m
Atron +18.12m

Onwards to Pynekastoh!!:

In Pyne we did a fair bit of pinging from plex to gate, to belt and iHub, as our prey was at turns wiley and elusive. On again, On again sailed the four (hundred) and we eventually identified a Worm on a plex. Having learned the lesson from Heydiles about bait we utterly ignored it and full on went for the worm and engaged at zero.

Reader, dear reader, I died. The Goons got me. Its not a bad killmail in all fairness, Goonswarm. I have died to lesser Corps.

(20:06:37) Pynekastoh
Enyo -50.02m

At this stage we decided to give Space a chance and gracefully retire from the field. We did have a lot of fun on the roam and got used to each other. This was the first fleet/gang i even tried to FC and i am utterly astounded that i didn't make people biomass in disgust.

Item the Third:

Learnings are that we need to focus on tackle - as in all small gangs - or come up with a composition that will function without it (isn't going to happen, we abhor the kiters) . Ass Frigs are utterly awesome in general, but the risk/reward on ISK is in balance as they can kill big but at the same time cost big.

The Velvet Fog are thus far ISK positive.


ISK Destroyed: 248,822,304.19
ISK Lost: 203,547,725.62
ISK Delta: 45,274,578.57
Efficiency: 55.004%

Rebulah Conundrum



Post 2018.06.04 01:25

Return of The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

The Velvet Fog shook off the remnants of the dark rain that had been falling and set their chin down deep into the collar of their coat. Stacmon, sh*t, we're still in Stacmon. The only thing we can think of when we are at home is here, and the only thing we can think of when we are here is how to get home.

We had to go out again, that much was clear - even through the gritty, jaded eyes of those who had seen the worst of what New Eden had to offer.

Our Captain had his own demon to lay to rest - it was unfortunate that he could not join us in our mission to clean the scum from the stars, but we knew that his endeavour was one that had to be forged alone. His personal reckoning was to be found in another space, a space where the answer was always No!.

So we cast our eyes upon the expanse, eyes that had seen things that you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. We watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

We were left with no option. These corps believe that we are trapped in space with them. The truth is that they are trapped in here with us.

Wake Up! Time to Die!

Roam members (3)
The Jojosh - Tormentor, Cormorant
Trillian Ituin - Federation Navy Comet
averoth trojan - Tristan

Kills and Losses

By MOC we were only sure of one thing - This universe is afraid of us...we have seen its true face.

(19:53:44) Moclinamaud
Republic Fleet Firetail +29.83m

On into Eugales, Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us. We wanted this to be a communal kill, as the pilot had displeased us greatly. The kerfuffle ended as it was destined, the enemy alone with his regrets.

(20:00:27) Eugales
Kestrel +0.66m

By the time we got to Frarie we were sure. Soon there will be war. Millions will burn. Millions will perish in sickness and misery. Why does one death matter against so many? Because there is good and there is evil, and evil must be punished. Even in the face of Armageddon we shall not compromise in this. But there are so many deserving of retribution ... and there is so little time.

(20:06:32) Frarie
Tormentor -12.97m

Our minds turned back to things left behind, things buried. Pain left its mark, scars would not heal. We lived pain, we carried scars as shibboleths that gained us entry to the Pantheon. Nostalgia means memory of an old pain. That pain had been with us long enough.

(20:28:43) Moclinamaud
Astero +95.91m

(20:30:21) Moclinamaud
Capsule +0.01m

Our blood thirst was in its ascendancy, but we were aware of letting New Eden know of our wrath. As we see it, part of the art of being a hero is knowing when you don't need to be one anymore.

(21:08:04) Agoze
Confessor +85.55m

Loneliness has followed us our whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. We are God's lonely people.

Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum from the stars. We go all over. We take people to OMS, Pyne, We take 'em to Tama. We don't care. Don't make no difference to us. It does to some. Some won't even take spooks. Don't make no difference to us. Our enemies will fall from us like this pr*ck.

The Velvet Fog are still ISK positive.

ISK Destroyed: 211,963,045.02
ISK Lost: 12,968,347.89
ISK Delta: 198,994,697.13
Efficiency: 94.235%

Overall evaluation
    Kitey stuff worked!
    (Kitey stuff worked?

The Jojosh



Post 2018.06.05 20:26

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

Roam members (4)
Nathan Tamroc
Ramong Pares
The Jojosh
Trillian Ituin

Kills and Losses

First kill of the fleet, poor guy probably didn't even understand what happened.

(17:01:21) Ostingele
Slasher +0.49m

We found Algos on D-scan and used good old suicide tactic - "warp on him one-by-one". Got him into low armor, if we had been on grid at the same time he would eat dust (or warp away, who knows).

(17:07:26) Ostingele
Cormorant -4.73m
Punisher -10.3m
Merlin -13.62m

D-scan, tackle and unhonorable gank, gotta love this game...

(17:20:03) Ostingele
Tristan +5.59m

D-scan, tackle and gank.

(17:43:55) Indregulle
Atron +6.1m

We found Imperial Navy Slicer and Tristan in a rather busy system. Decided to wait for them in Novice - primary was the Slicer - we thought he was kite-fit, but he was surprisingly beefy and didn't want to die (rude). When he was in low armor, we split DPS to Tristan and that was the end of it. Well, time to refit...

(18:16:43) Kedama
Executioner -9.8m
Tristan -9.36m

D-scan, tackle and gank.

(18:41:02) Kedama
Rifter +3.35m

D-scan, tackle and gank.

(18:48:23) Kedama
Tristan +15.27m

Nathan tackled and bought us enough time to kill the Atron.

(19:07:24) Nennamaila
Slasher -5.39m
Atron +13.68m

I scouted ahead and found a Catalyst in Small, warped there and realized he is at the gate and not inside. I went for a tackle and called for backup -
guys were waiting on a gate in next system. I was dead before they were able to land (the DPS was strong with this one), Catalyst took acceleration gate and warped of.

(19:51:47) Oicx
Tormentor -15.7m

ISK Destroyed: 44,479,751.43
ISK Lost: 68,901,924.99
ISK Delta: -24,422,173.56
Efficiency: 39.23%

Overall evaluation
    I think we are getting really good at finding targets and deciding what to engage.
    Few small mistakes costed us ships and kills.

Nathan Tamroc



Post 2018.06.07 22:15

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

Roam members (4)
Nathan Tamroc - Incursus, Algos
Ramong Pares - Tormentor
The Jojosh - Coercer, Punisher
Trillian Ituin - Federation Navy Comet, Algos

Kills and Losses

We found a Kestrel at the sun, while warping to it an Incursus warped at 50km and waited there patiently for his demise. When a stilleto landed with us on grid we foolishly played a bit with it instead of warping off. About 30 seconds later his fleet landed and got point on two more. These were at least two unnecessary losses on our side.

(19:14:33) Kedama
Kestrel +11.84m
Incursus +9.86m
Incursus -13.23m
Federation Navy Comet -33.44m

Jumping into Jita with suspect timer...

(19:25:20) Jita
Tormentor -14.25m
Capsule -0.01m

Obvious bait punisher was obvious, but we had been starving for content at this point and unanimously decided to take the bait. If it weren't for the Osprey Navy we might have even tried to stay. But we decided to feed them .

(19:58:01) Akidagi
Coercer -17.25m
Algos -17.31m
Capsule -38.72m

A garmur pilot slid into us, we didn't get scram at the start and had to cut our losses.

(20:50:40) Pynekastoh
Tormentor -14.02m

After taking a tour through the deserted parts of fw space we tried to switch a bit more for baiting and camping ourselves instead of only roaming. Soon we found a Moa willing to fight us. The two frigates started the engagement and i came in about 20 seconds later in a destroyer, which in retrospective was probably a good thing, since we didn't scare the Moa away. During the fight a corpmate in a Breacher slid in as well, but we prevailed.

(21:36:05) Renarelle
Moa +33.78m
Punisher -11.69m
Breacher +15.5m

ISK Destroyed: 70,986,307.61
ISK Lost: 159,905,078.63
ISK Delta: -88,918,771.02
Efficiency: 30.744%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff) I think we are starting to find our place in the pvp foodchain
    (Negative stuff) During situations where we are most certainly about to get dropped, we should be more vigilant. Maybe having a dedicated d-scan sentry could help.

The Jojosh



Post 2018.06.09 13:22

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

We had a fun one yesterday!

Roam members (3)
Iskarr Jarak - Atron, Thrasher
Nathan Tamroc - Atron, Thrasher
The Jojosh - Punisher, Thrasher

Kills and Losses

We found a Rifter and Wolf sitting in Novice and Small respectively. We went for the Rifter in novice and he warped of to the small to make love with his buddy buddy, captain: "I have so much isK I can buy T2 things". After a quick discussion and reassurance that none of us have any idea what we are doing - we decided for tactic inspired by the 80s swimming lesson for kids - we jumped in a hoped to learn to swim before we die. Rifter was a primary for about 3 seconds until Nathan called a scram on Wolf. I haven't understood clearly, mistook this for a sudden enlightenment of our collective knowledge by PvP gods, and made a call to switch targets. For some further read on the end of this engagement, please kindly check the three red numbers down bellow.

Now, what could have been done better? We knew they are waiting for us before we slid the gate and could have bailed at that point. We should have stayed at the Rifter to at least have a chance of killing something. If I didn't forgot to put the fleet members into the watchlist, I could have at least save one ship when we were going down. The scatter command actually came at one point, but was addressed to my pod flying fleet-mates.

(21:28:47) Eugales
Atron -14.2m
Atron -10.38m
Punisher -12.47m

Nathan announced, he has few expensive, blinked up Spider-tanked destroyers in Ichoria and the game was back on! We found Algos, Tristan and Trasher and decided to engage with a fury of thousands waterfalls. Nathan went down first, after he cunningly pulled range to save his ship from our shield repairs. Later D-scan turned into Jita Local and grid became very populous. Bottom-line is, these Trashers are fun to fly, cheap and thus thanks to Nathans ingenuity we stayed ISK positive in this fight.

(21:59:00) Oicx
Thrasher -2.81m
Algos +11.01m
Thrasher -4.75m
Thrasher -2.79m

ISK Destroyed: 11,011,980.78
ISK Lost: 47,395,775.1
ISK Delta: -36,383,794.32
Efficiency: 18.854%

Overall evaluation
    We got two fun fights in an one hour long roam and we actually killed something as well.
    We haven't clearly said who will be FC at the begining, Democracy is a weird concept when in a middle of a fight.

Rebulah Conundrum



Post 2018.06.12 20:15

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

So it was a few days ago and I've forgotten most (all) of the details - what do you want to do, fight about it? We killed stuff, they killed stuff. Big whoop. Like as if anyone has gone so far as to even, you know?

Roam members (5)
Iskarr Jarak - Thorax, Incursus, Algos
Ramong Pares - Tristan
Rebulah Conundrum - Harpy, Tristan
Trillian Ituin - Omen, Federation Navy Comet
averoth trojan - Tristan

Kills and Losses

We were going to roam all in frigs, like, kitey ones. Then we saw an algos in Dast and reshipped into Zacks idea.

(19:10:32) Dastryns
Algos +24.24m

(19:10:32) Dastryns
Harpy -46.94m

So then we, like, totally went towards other places and , like, saw ships and stuff. Iskarr was like hey, look at this breacher, like Ohh Ehmm Geee. Then it got loads of skanky buddies and killed him. Gross.

(19:37:17) Vey
Thorax -40.28m

We had been pre-gaming pretty hard by now (Go Ivy! Weeeeeew!), and Iskarr totally died. Was Fubar. But we also killed one of theirs, who was totally a skank anyways so like who even cares?

(19:52:13) Renarelle
Incursus -8.24m

(19:52:32) Renarelle
Merlin +4.3m

Then Cindy, who is totally into Averoth btw, but on the down low so that her boo doesn't find out, said "hey guys, lets go to Nenn to get pancakes" and we were like, "Yeah, totally".

(20:08:53) Nennamaila
Condor +12.8m

(20:13:29) Nennamaila
Tristan -12.43m

(20:21:12) Nennamaila
Federation Navy Comet +42.3m

We were like soooooooo bored right now and then Brad said he heard from his Moms friends nephew about a bodacious party in Aki, so we hopped in the car and drove like an hour to get there and it was totally a bust. Like zero chill.

(20:31:07) Akidagi
Tristan -10.16m

Then it was kinda late so we had to get back before curfew, or Kora would ground us like for infinity and we'd miss the keg stand at Beckys on memorial day weekend and if we missed that it would be like the end of everything, Jared would be soooo pissed its not even funny.

(20:36:53) Nennamaila
Tristan -5.47m

So we took the i 75 back to home which was a blast except Kelly barfed all over Zacks new sweater that his mom had got him for acing his math test. Screw you Kelly, Zack loved that sweater.

(20:48:12) Pynekastoh
Tristan -8.18m

(20:48:24) Pynekastoh
Tristan +3.48m

ISK Destroyed: 87,116,377.95
ISK Lost: 131,706,542.19
ISK Delta: -44,590,164.24
Efficiency: 39.811%

Nathan Tamroc



Post 2018.06.19 12:08

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

For the sake of documentation I'm going to post the missing AARs of the roams I've been part on.
We tried kitey cruisers in null, ran into a gatecamp. We fought and died. Continued in Black Rise in kitey algoses.

Roam members (4)
Iskarr Jarak - Thorax, Algos
Nathan Tamroc - Omen, Algos
Rebulah Conundrum - Taranis, Algos
averoth trojan - Vexor, Algos

Kills and Losses

(19:33:04) Uphallant
Vexor -27.47m

(20:10:44) X-M2LR
Taranis -41.03m
Capsule -5.08m

(20:24:16) X-M2LR
Omen -29.67m
Vexor -27.3m
Thorax -38.93m
Capsule -0.01m

(20:46:57) Ostingele
Corax +4.71m

(21:18:58) Oinasiken
Thorax +46.97m

Another gatecamp...

(21:25:09) Pynekastoh, Akidagi
Algos -19.14m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 51,684,412.92
ISK Lost: 188,650,895.89
ISK Delta: -136,966,482.97
Efficiency: 21.505%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

Nathan Tamroc



Post 2018.06.19 12:15

Re: The Velvet Fog Small Gang.

I joined late in the roam and it has been quite some time. But all kills should be included.

Roam members (4)
Iskarr Jarak - Enyo
Nathan Tamroc - Imperial Navy Slicer
Ramong Pares - Retribution
averoth trojan - Enyo

Kills and Losses

(20:04:40) Renarelle
Tristan +11.2m

(20:39:49) Pynekastoh
Retribution -70.07m

(21:10:56) Hirri
Capsule +0.69m

Fought against two sniping coercer. Managed to split them up and kill one just as the tama gatecamp fleet landed on grid.

(21:28:33) Pynekastoh
Coercer +16.28m

ISK Destroyed: 28,174,343.49
ISK Lost: 70,067,761.47
ISK Delta: -41,893,417.98
Efficiency: 28.678%

Overall evaluation
    (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)

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