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Posted: 2021.04.02 19:36
by keacte
hey hey!

just wanted to drop this link into your forums, for info ... ... y_is_live/

The FUN inc / NPSI community gateway is a partnership between FUN inc, Friday Yarrrr! , Redemption Road, CAS, Free Range Chikuns, and Fwaming Dwagons.

As some of you may know, Spectre Fleets existing NPSI calendar recently closed access for advertising of other (non-SF) groups.

To this end i set up the NPSI gateway site.

I thought this may be of interest to some of you here.

In addition to this, should anyone from EVE uni senior leadership wish to promote or advertise any of your learning events via this calendar, please let me know, and i can easily setup integrations from our calendar to our discord, along with other discords such as Redemption Road.

Currently we are interfacing to 1.2K people on FUN inc discord, and a further 1k on Redemtpion Road.

Fly safe o7