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Laura Karpinski
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EVE University Patreon

Post by Laura Karpinski »

EVE University has various resources available for both members and EVE players in general, including the best wiki in EVE Online (you know its true) and our public classes.

But keeping these things running costs money. As Director of Alliance Services part of my job is to ensure we can afford to cover our expenses. We have two servers, one of which is partially donated to us by Dediserve cause they are lovely. In order to finance the rest we have a page on Patreon where people can sign up to make a monthly donation towards the running costs.
We could do with some new patrons to enable us secure the future of these services by building up a small reserve. This means that if we lose a few patrons or have some slightly bigger expenses one month we don't have to panic about being able to keep our services running.

To be completely clear:

This is absolutely optional. Our services are, and always will be, free for people to use.
All our members, staff, managers and directors are volunteers. Nobody gets paid IRL from the Patreon funds, all the money goes on running costs.

Thank you to all our wonderful patrons who have supported us so far. You are amazing.
Former CEO of EVE University
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Jilokari Kurvora
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Chief Executive Officer
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Re: EVE University Patreon

Post by Jilokari Kurvora »

Just a small bump for awareness of this. We currently have some amazing patreons (Thank you you are all awesome), however our running server costs have slightly outmatched our current donations. As always our services remain free for people to use, and any donations made will all go on our running costs.
CEO of EVE University
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