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Mike Kingswell
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Teaching Manager
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Training on Tap [ToT]

Post by Mike Kingswell »

The teaching department's mission is on providing regular class content for unistas and external capsuleer. For that we depend on dedicated volunteers to create and actually teach those classes (Thank you, teachers!).
Sadly sometimes it happens that a topic has not been taught in a while or you just so happend to miss a class.

For that we are now working on:

These short (<15 min) videos aim to cover the basics of a topic of our CORE CLASSES.
While these videos will not be able to substitute for our experts teaching a topic and the ability to answer your specific questions instantly, these videos will enable everyone to cover the basics at any time.

Today we uploaded the first 2 of these and aim to expand according to our CORE content:

YooJin Moon wrote: Looking for love in all the wrong places? Let us help you:
ToT: introduction to Exploration
YooJin Moon wrote: ..or maybe, you're looking to give some love? Here's an overview of where to begin your new career as a hero of EVE:
ToT: introduction to Logistics

PSA: Join the Teaching Department- Teach classes!
Teaching Manager
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Arin Mara
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Re: Training on Tap [ToT]

Post by Arin Mara »

Feedback, questions, comment and observations:
  • Did you have a script that you read into the microphone?
  • At timestamp you mentioned Covert Research Facilities (Ghost Site)separately from Data Sites, but didn't separately mention Sleeper Caches. How come?
  • At timestamp you implied that an Astero Skill Point investment is the same as for T2 Covert Ops Frigates. To fly an Astero you need to invest only 32000 Skill points. To fly a Covert Operations ship you need to invest 500000+ Skill Points. A note for impatient explorers: get yourself an Astero :P
  • At timestamp Mike says: "Whenever you activate a Node a small number will pop up. This number tells you that there is something of interest within X number of the nodes. This something of interest can either be helpful or something negative like a Defensive Subsystem". Untrue. "The number is the distance to the nearest node with a System Core, Utility Subsystem or Data Cache". The quote is from the Hacking Wiki page I wrote to help dispel exploration untruths. ;) The page is different from other WIki pages because I've applied the same constraints described in Making of The Ploy.
  • At timestamp Mike says: "... halves your Virus Strength while active.". I've tracked down this piece of info to a single source of untruth. See this piece of video evidence and the Hacking Wiki page.
I just took a glance at the clock. I've spend my entire time budget on the Exploration video :P Can't review the Logistics one.

If you would like to know more about exploration, feel free to contact me. :)
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