Alumni and Graduate month - January 2021

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Alumni and Graduate month - January 2021

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Dear Unistas and Alumni,

This month, January 2021, we are celebrating all our Graduates and Alumni.

What does that mean?

All throughout January we will have EVE University Alumni help teach classes, run fleets and organise different events for you.

EVE University is a learning corporation and while we encourage Unistas to stay as long as they like, we naturally have many members that decide to also explore other parts of New Eden. These alumni often stay in touch with us though and support the Uni in different ways e.g. by organising learning activities for current members.

We would like to say THANK YOU!!! to all Alumni that have supported EVE University throughout the years.

Are you an Alumnus? Want to support us throughout January?
  • Run a fleet
  • Organise an event
  • Teach a class
  • Be creative and organise any type of activity interesting for Unistas :-)
  • ...
Simply get in touch with Hippla Tsero if you'd like to contribute :-)

To see all the Graduates of 2020 have a look at our Graduates 2020 Forum post
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