On the launching of snowballs+industrial hauling

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On the launching of snowballs+industrial hauling

Post by Jaspy »

Does the festival launcher launch snowballs? Do I fit snowballs in like regular ammo?\\

And is an industrial type of ship optimised for hauling?

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Mike Kingswell
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Re: On the launching of snowballs+industrial hauling

Post by Mike Kingswell »

1) Yes, Festival launchers load snowballs like ammo. They also shoot Fireworks.

2)Yes, industrials are made for hauling. Rach empire offers 2 choices: one faster one with less cargo and one slower one for bulk cargo.
(Gallente industrials have specific holds for specific itemtypes)
for more check:

for small volume (<900m³) fast (<2Sec Align) transport I should mention the Sunesis ( https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Sunesis ).
Feel free to ask me (or others) ingame for fittings :)

I shouldm mention that the hauling-industrials should not be confused with industrial command ships (Orca nd Porpoise) which are mining and mining-boost ships.
(https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/ORE_Basi ... l_Overview)
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