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What a newbro should know about EVE's history?

Posted: 2020.12.18 02:51
by Skootskapoots
Hello all!

I am having a great time slipping through space and learning various aspects of the game. There's a lot, as you all know, and it can be really overwhelming at times. I do find myself looking around the internet for anything and everything I can to keep learning, and mechanically I feel like I'm doing pretty well (from a min-max viewpoint I'm doing terrible but I'm not there yet). There are a lot... Like, a lot... of comments and here and there refering to things like Goons, or references to what seems to be major battles with entire systems being taken over. So I can't help but ask myself, what the hell happened over the last 10+ years, and what the hell is going on right now?!

I do not expect anyone to take the time to give a dissertation on the history of Eve's game world, but if you vets have any events that stick out to you, or historical moments in the game that should be known, please share with me! I would love to know more about the world we play in.

Thanks in advance to any comments, it's much appreciate!