Considering a return

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Considering a return

Post by Ninja2dan »

Good afternoon everyone. I haven't been active for quite a while now, got busy with college and work. I have recently (8 months ago) moved overseas for "retirement". I only have my laptop and phone here, no more super desktop gaming rig. My laptop was in repairs for over 2 months, so I started getting into a few mobile games to avoid death by boredom. I ended up finding Eve Echoes, a slimmed-down mobile version of Eve online. While I didn't really like the mobile game much, it really got me thinking about getting back into Eve Online again (if my laptop can run it).

So I got my laptop back from the shop a few days ago, and after installing Eve Online and using a new account, it seems like the game can run ok on this laptop, although with more minimal/low settings. It's going to take a little while of playing it just to make sure everything works out, no crashes due to overheating, etc.

So I'm curious what everyone thinks about returning to the game, given my limited hardware. I know they now have a F2P version (Alpha clone?), but in order to use my existing account I'd need to be on paid (Omega?). And before I go paying a sub again and risking my stuff, I'd rather keep using this new account for a few days and make sure it all works before I commit to resubbing.

I also would need to reapply for Eve Uni membership, and I might need to work out the logistics of shipping all my items to a new location if the Uni has moved in the past few years. Is the game and group still pretty active?
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Re: Considering a return

Post by Ann'Dra Padecain »


Log in on your main and have a look... :)
You can log in with your previous account without resubscribing - you just won't have access to your Omega-skills.

LSC moved in the last 2-3 years, AMC a couple of weeks ago.

Based on daily "Hi & Bye" posts and the activity on forums & in-game chats, I'd say Eve Uni is still very active. There was even quite a flurry of After Action Reports.
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Arin Mara
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Re: Considering a return

Post by Arin Mara »

The EVE University is brimming with activity. Just in the last 7 days there were:
* 8 Classes
* 6 Null or Low Sec Hunting Fleets
* 4 Low and High Sec Incursion Fleets
* 2 Mining Fleets
* 2 Mission running Fleets

If your computer can handle it, join the University. ;)
You'll find me:
* exploring in a Stratios around the Low Security Campus located at Eugales or
* doing Missions in a Gila around the High Security Campus located at Amygnon :)
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