GM WEEK: DAY 1: Titans Destroyed

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GM WEEK: DAY 1: Titans Destroyed

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200914 Yulai system. 1700-1800UTC.

Today's CCP event in Yulai resulted in the destruction of capital and industrial ships taken from illegal accounts. I recorded eleven, but I thought CCP said ten. The bot ships were dropped above the Yulai station, where the Eve Online community, over 1000 pilots in various ships waited outside the station. The bot ships were locked and engaged. Offensive modules and drones were applied to the targets. Bragging rights to the killmails were claimed.

Due to the massive number of ships, wrecks, cargo cans, and corpses at the station, overview settings had to be adjusted to see only the capitals on grid.

Safety settings were set to green to prevent engaging non-suspect ships and turning suspect yourself, resulting in your ship becoming locked and destroyed by other players on grid. In a TIDI environment, escape takes 60 seconds or more.

This event was a good experience in a Time Dilation fleet fight environment. TIDI was a significant factor. Alignment, warp-in, locktime, module activation was very slow, 30-45 seconds. Spamming keys to lock and activate modules was the solution.

CCP gave away in-game prizes in the CCP Twitch channel during the event. Some players computer systems could not handle the TIDI environment and run the Twitch stream video at the same time and missed out on the opportunity. Viewers entered a random drawing for prizes by entering codewords:

1708 2,081,476,618.46 ($27.38) Kill: Dark Nimb (Nidhoggur)(Carrier)
1712 4,190,755,094.92 ($55.13) Kill: Balokh (Nidhoggur)(Carrier)
1715 3,037,597,854.06 ($39.96) Kill: Tovarisch34ru (Archon)(Carrier)
1717 2,494,470,418.88 ($32.82) Kill: ComandorNox (Chimera)(Carrier)
1719 2,036,270,275.74 ($26.79) Kill: BECEjIb4AKU (Thanatos)(Carrier)
1723 4,229,927,696.49 ($55.65) Kill: M'ena Vitara (Rorqual)(Capital Industrial Ship)
1724 4,367,453,367.84 ($57.46) Kill: JohnRamboPT (Rorqual)(Capital Industrial Ship)
1725 4,231,315,631.28 ($55.67) Kill: Maxon Bull (Rorqual)(Capital Industrial Ship)
1741 24,630,672,557.50 ($324.03) Kill: Toni Shepart (Hel)(Supercarrier)
1754 74,016,336,519.71 ($973.72) Kill: helen click (Avatar)(Titan)
1758 82,767,521,881.61 ($1088.85) Kill: Bad guy biom (Avatar)(Titan)

GM WEEK announcement ... -is-coming

[COMPLETED] Monday 14 September at 17:00 UTC Whack-A-Bot in Yulai
Tuesday 15 September at 17:00 UTC Fleet with BjornBee, GMs, and ISDs
Thursday 17 September at 15:00 UTC Reddit AMA Game Masters Edition
Friday 18 September at 17:00 UTC End of week and competition winners announced
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