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Minmatar COSMOS

Post by Hantu »

So, I'm trying to get into datacore mining and need a standings bump with Minmatar. I thought I might as well start having some fun with the COSMOS missions - never tried one before.

If anyone is looking to do the same at anytime, I would suggest to do your prep first... there are the occasional traps.

One of the Agents in Ani goes by the name of Ramakell Tikrest - AVOID like the plague. Her first mission is a simple hunter/killer. Find an Angel cartel Cyber (spoiler - they're in an asteroid belt somewhere) and retrieve a portable power generator.

Or they were...

Since the patch where the Trigs appeared, those units have been removed. I only discovered this after two hours trawling through various systems - both in eve and google. The last of the portable power generators were sold in contracts a couple of months ago.

Ah well, I had a nice time flying around asteroid belts for a while. Very pretty :shock:
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