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Favorite EVE Blogs

PostPosted: 2020.02.14 19:53
by Morgan Strigidae
I was asking about life in wormholes and Rayni Ptarth linked a blog full of good info, Ashy in Space. I really like the details she gives on fits, her "how to krab" series, and the rest is good, too.

There have to be a lot more EVE blogs & websites out there. What are your favorites & why?

Re: Favorite EVE Blogs

PostPosted: 2020.02.17 20:25
by Morgan Strigidae
Well, comms are silent, so I went looking. If you're interested in blogs, podcasts, etc., about EVE Online, here are some places to start. Or at least, some places I'll start. I'm not familiar with any of these; I just started looking around and this is what I found.

EVE Community Fansites -- A linked list of blogs, videos, news, guides, etc.

The Developer Blog -- For, you guessed it, developers

Talking in Stations -- Podcast, articles, etc.

Streamfleet-- Search "content" (blogs, podcasts, etc.) by topic, name, etc. I haven't explored this, but it seems like they keep track of all kinds of media content and make it searchable for you.

New Eden Report -- A player-run news service

That's a start.

Re: Favorite EVE Blogs

PostPosted: 2020.02.18 22:00
by Ashley Traynor
Hey I never normally post here and I only found it because of my blog stats. Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. I honestly means a lot to me.

Here's a collection of other blogs for you: tends to have an up to date list of recent articles through RSS I believe.

For news sites and such:
New Eden Report - I worked with them for some time, they're kinda dead now despite a revival attempt
Eve News 24 - Still apparently writes stuff, but not been relevant really in some time
Imperium News - Surprisingly good quality for what is effectively goon state media. I even have a piece on there
Talking in Stations - Podcasts really. I attempted to launch a writing platform on there but NOBODY wanted to write for me
EVE Onion - Satire site, they still do stuff
Crossing Zebras - Very much dead. This was my baby towards the end and I was EIC for a time. They got me into writing. If you want my own CZ posts, you can find them at although it's my earlier stuff.

If you want a one-off funny satire thing to check out, have a look at
I let the SSL cert lapse so you'll get a browser warning, but there's no harm. It's just an old project which never really worked.

You'd probably do well to check the #tweetfleet hashtag on Twitter. You can also grab me on there at
If you find anything about my own writing which is AT ALL unclear or not explained well, let me know ASAP. I'll fix that stuff straight away.


Re: Favorite EVE Blogs

PostPosted: 2020.02.19 20:58
by Morgan Strigidae
Thanks, Ashlyn! I look forward to checking those sites out.

Good work on the blog! I'm enjoying slowly making my way through it. I just finished "My Opinions Are 'Balanced'" and I agree with a lot you said there. Good post.