Post 2019.11.08 19:54

Eve Online Ship/Hangar Organization

Hey everyone,

Since Eve Online is filled with intelligent and detail-oriented players, I was wondering how everyone in Eve University names their ships and how they organize their hangar. Feel free to post your organization methods and the logic behind them; or just laugh at how I organize things. o7

Here is how I organize my ships:


    The first part OI is the equivalent of USS or HMS. The OI is an abbreviation of a fictional nation I made up when I was 7th grade for a school project. I don't want to say what it stands for because it's embarrassing haha.

    The second part J585X is inspired by tail numbers on aircraft which allow aircraft in the air to be identified by air traffic controllers. I randomly generate my "tail numbers" by using a random string generator.

    The third part Fencer is based around the NATO military craft designation for Russian and Chinese aircraft. 'F' beginning names indicate that the aircraft is a fighter, 'B' beginning names indicate that the aircraft is a bomber, and 'M' beginning names indicate that it is a miscellaneous/support aircraft. For T1 ships I go by the NATO chart, however for TII/TIII ships I keep the naming convention but use fantasy based names like "Mana" or "Floret".

Here is how I organize my hangar:

    I purchase or craft station containers at a station that I frequent such as Jita, Amygnon, PC9-AY, etc... then I name them as follows:
      "EQUIPMENT": I store ammunition, boosters, modules, and rigs here.
      "MATERIALS": I store anything that could be used for crafting in here.
      "SHIPS": Anything that can be flown is tossed into here.

    For everything else for aesthetic reasons I toss certain items into medium standard containers then name them as follows:
      "BPOs": All of my BPOs are placed in here.
      "TROPHIES": Tags, corpses, special edition stuff goes here.
      "WARDROBE": I hang my fabulous clothing in here.