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PostPosted: 2019.06.12 05:12
by Mangalang
My work schedule doesn't allow me to do much in EVE, but I was typically able to do NOP roams. I've been checking the calendar but don't see any. Is that not a thing anymore?


PostPosted: 2019.06.12 14:20
by Dexyr Sulvara
In the last while the name NoP got dropped in favour of the doctrine been flown's name. Purely the FC's personal choice in naming scheme. In reality there's no difference between a "BLAP Merlin Fleet " & a "NoP fleet" flying BLAP Merlins. Newbro's are very welcome (& encouraged!) to go.

It's quiet on the LowSec Fleet front this week, but keep your eyes peeled on the calendar for next week.

Hope to see you out!