Post 2019.03.03 16:17

skills on demand (devblog)

From the Feb. 26 devblog, which I didn't even notice until today:

"The largest part of this change is the fact that all core skills will now be purchasable directly from the character sheet for ISK. Rare skills that are not seeded on the market and are only available through the completion of in game content will not be available, but the skill sheet will provide a market link for them.

This new system will make sure that the old core mechanics of seeding and injection remain in place – if you don’t want to use skills on demand, then you can continue to pick up skills just the same as you have done for the last sixteen years!

Skills that are sold via the character sheet will also have a percentage mark-up in ISK that makes the skill more profitable when trading."

That is all we know about it for now, and there is no specific release timeframe as far as I know. It will be interesting to see what the final iteration will look like.
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