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Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.11.08 22:45
by Zerro Down
A random thought just popped into my head and I was hoping someone might know the answer. Do the planets and moons rotate on their axis and do the moons rotate around the planets and the planets around the sun? I've looked at the solor system map briefly and cannot see any movement. Would be cool if they did.

Re: Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.11.09 00:48
by Raido Kudonen
They don't, and introducing it would shatter the bookmark and structure anchoring systems.

Re: Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.11.09 11:18
by Ersin Oghuz
But that would add amazing and fun complexity to the game :)

Re: Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.11.09 13:00
by Cassiel Seraphim
I don't remember who, but someone argued that they do, it's just that our computers compensate for stellar drift/movement and thus to us the world is perceived as static even if it isn't. So if you don't like the idea of a snap-shot universe over a living one ... just imagine that :)

Re: Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.11.09 14:33
by Zerro Down
That's a shame, It would be amazing wouldn't it!

Re: Solor System Movement

PostPosted: 2018.12.03 01:27
by Kalaya Corin
Zerro Down,

I appreciate your desire to be challenged :D

Should such a feature ever be introduced it would require, like a good SciFy story, structure, moon, plant, and star centered book marks -- in that order.
Additionally, ships that log off in space either have to have a moon, planet, or star based orbit or be off a structure. The gates, requiring a large gravitational well to operate would always have a planetary orbit. And for gates presumably, they show in the overview with varying distances from day to day -- now imagine what that does to your tacticals?

Woe to us when all we really need is a safe place to warp to! :shock:

I suspect the game developers think life complicated enough -- but I enjoy the thought.

Stay safe and fly dangerously!