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Faces of EVE University: get to know our staff

The Faces of EVE University are colorful and intriguing. With this interview series we want to bring to light some of the personalities that make up the staff of our alma mater, who tirelessly work to the advancement of learning.

Ever wanted to know what a manager in EVE University does all day or how to become CEO? Have a look at the staff interviews on our blog: (you can find other articles on there as well)

This thread will be updated with all the interviews as they are posted. Staff positions of the respective members are current as of the time the interview was posted.

You are very welcome to add your comments, points of discussion or any questions about the interviews to this thread.

Turlough Dominian, Events Manager:

Laura Karpinski, CEO:

Seamus Donohue, Professor:

Jilokari Kurvora, Director of Human Resources:
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