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Hi (introduction)

Post by Esmora »

Hi there!
I'm something of a returning player, but I haven't really discovered much about the game yet.
The thing about me is that I really like frigates. I know it's quite common among newbies but you know, I don't ever dream of bigger ships, I just dream about... more frigates. So I'm trying to specialize in Tech2 (probably interceptors) but I still have a long way to go.

I'm mostly interested in pve content, in group when it's possible. I mostly played solo for now, just finished the SoE missions and I'm doing lvl 2 agents missions (even did my first lvl3... with my beloved Tristan but I know I was kind of lucky there).
I'm really curious (and amazed) about all the game has to offer and I'll take every opportunity to learn more (even if it doesn't involve any frigates, I'll manage).

Thanks for having me.
See you :)
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