Alpha-2-Omega Abyssals Day 0 & Beyond!

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Re: Alpha-2-Omega Abyssals Day 0 & Beyond!

Post by MrWhite365 »

Has anyone ever done something like a side app where you type the first few characters of a particular triglavian ship name at your designated tier and it tells you (maybe by voice) what you should do for that room (eg. "engage lucifer swordspine first on approach but microwarp drive to lucifer cynabal and orbit at 500m with warp drive off") ?

BTW does anyone have a good solution for this room using the active worm fit?

1 x Cruiser Lucifer Cynabal
1 x Frigate Lucifer Swordspine

I've lost 1 ship in there and was very lucky the second time.
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Uriel Tkarmminni
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Re: Alpha-2-Omega Abyssals Day 0 & Beyond!

Post by Uriel Tkarmminni »

You may find you need to overheat your shield booster while fighting the cynabal. However, for the most part, you want to get JUST near enough to have your drones target the cynabal, and then STAY AWAY from the cynabal. The swordspine is of secondary importance. It is also valuable if you can get a volley of missiled fired at the cynabal while you are in range. This will draw the aggression of the the NPCS to YOUR ship rather than your drones. Once the cynabal falls, I think you'll find that this room becomes much more simple.
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Re: Alpha-2-Omega Abyssals Day 0 & Beyond!

Post by Garr Anders »

In one of your videos you mentioned you have a special fleet setup, where you have the priority kill list as MOTD. Would you like to share that?
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Re: Alpha-2-Omega Abyssals Day 0 & Beyond!

Post by H4lfy Khashour »

Good guide, can you add to the checklist @ pre-jump, scoop MTU, everyone forgets at least once :)
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