Wardecs - an opportunity to learn

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Rogwar Toralen



Post 2018.01.10 16:40

Wardecs - an opportunity to learn

I remember Wardecs as being annoying except for the time we declared on PIRAT's alt corp which was a blast. But in reality it was a blessing in disguise.

The point of this thread is that it's important to learn how to operate safely. It's not going to end, even when you leave the Uni. The game skills you will learn in the Uni, how wardecr's operate, the bookmarks, insta docks and undocks, alt haulers, gankers, etc. will be a benefit after you graduate. In fact, as a graduate you may find yourself way ahead of your cohorts with regards to operating in hi-sec as well as general game skills.

Being wardec'd was a pain while learning the game but I'm very thankful to have gathered the experience in Eve University.

Hideo Date


Communications Manager
Communications Manager

Post 2018.01.13 18:32

Re: Wardecs - an opportunity to learn

I second this post :)

This is something that newbros always struggle with. But just as you said, you will have to learn to live with it one way or another. And the possibilities of dealing with it in the Uni are quite diverse, especially if you dare and get out of Highsec^^ My personal experience was that after a while it did not even bother me in the slightest any more. Sure I lost a couple Cheetahs and such on Stacmons undock because I was too lazy/did not think about using the bookmarks. But hey, you die and you learn ;)

Nowadays my only connnection to WTs is that I post them in intel when I zip past them :D

I would be really interested to hear from newbros about this topic! How do people actually experience war in the Uni?
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