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Epic arc Guristas

PostPosted: 2019.08.30 10:55
by Oh Spaceghost
Hello still very new to eve about 3 months in I will be attempting the Epic arc for the Guristas today and looking for a recommendation of ship/fit I should be using to complete the arc and to navigate through null sec. I apologized if this is the wrong place to post this. Thank you for your time.

Edit: Also I have trained the most in The Caldari and missile line if that helps.

Re: Epic arc Guristas

PostPosted: 2019.08.30 16:24
by Hirmuolio Pine
From Caldari side the options are Cormorant and Corax.

Corax has impresive range but anemic dps. I would definitely go with cormorant.

So grab a Cormorant and fit something like this. I haven't flown cormorant so I can't say how well this will work. It will probably work fine.

For the arc you will want long range weapons, MWD (some missions have long distances. Also for crashing gates) and some tank.

The MWD will limit fitting room. 125mm are probably largest rails that will fit.
Bring multiple range variants for the ammo. You will mostly fight in the antimatter range but in few missions you may want to kite from further away to reduce damage (frigate/destroyer rats do nothing to you at 40 km, but you will also halve your dps at that range).

For tank you can do either medium shield extender or medium ancillary shield booster. The ancillary will require more skill from the pilot (do not over rep, always overheat, warp out and back in if need to reload). The ancillary will also require less fitting room so you can more easily fit guns and gun rigs.

You can also fit a kinetic resist amplifier to make tanking easier. Or if you survive without that you can have a tracking computer.

For rigs you can put weapon rigs or kinetic resist (won't need the resist amplifier with this). If CPU or PG run out put a fitting rig in.

Re: Epic arc Guristas

PostPosted: 2019.09.04 10:32
by Zoltan Irvam

I have done both pirate epic arcs a few times in an active shield tank PvE Tristan. A flight of T2 light drones gives good damage and range and for travelling (of which there is a lot) you can switch to a travel fit with cloak, MWD and some stabs by using a mobile depot. Bring a tractor beam and a data analyser too.