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EFT fitting parsing tool

PostPosted: 2019.05.31 17:17
by Ilvari
There used to be a tool to translate EFT fittings to wiki code here:

But the site is gone. Have you guys moved it somewhere else?

The link on still leads to the old place FYI.

Re: EFT fitting parsing tool

PostPosted: 2019.06.01 02:01
by Drebin 679
To my knowledge, that tool was hosted by a unista rather than the uni proper. It was working some months ago when I used it to make a Thrasher fit for the Angel Epic Arc ( ... did=140440), but it seems that page got taken down now, and it now hosts info about a Chinese centrifuge company??? An odd situation.

Also, this thread would probably be best for the wiki subforum, but that's only open to unistas, which is odd considering the UniWiki's reach. I don't know if there is someone that could rectify that at the moment.