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Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.11 15:56
by Turlough Dominian
For science :D All that is below was done and tested on one of my alts as i wanted to make sure its double on a low sp toon
From time to time new players ask me same as other players what should i fly or what works and i normally give them either my fit or another i know works. but no real explanation or at least not an in depth one. well here goes an attempt at making life easier for people.

Do note also to save on time I only grab the loot from the "triglavian bioadaptive cache"
During testing my most scary run i got down to 20% shield alot of that was pilot error tho as i messed up my manual piloting. i find is more important with the lower sp version to mitigate damage than the fit itself.
Did 10 runs no deaths.
Would mention as a new player to try it out on test server first as the manual piloting might be too much to hope for on first few trys.

Anywho I have been running lvl 1 abyssal on and off since there release and figured it might be nice for me to share my fit with the wider audience
I know there is a few other good worm fits around but as this is the one I use and i know it works for me.
Totally share your fit also if you think its on par or even better shareing is caring <3

So mine is an active fit instead of passive.
Wait what ? that wont be much use to newbro's
well good news i took the time out to spend several hours messing with skills and stuff on an alt I had lieing around :D because really i am aiming at sharing to help newer players the more experienced dudes already have there fits or are running different things

My current fit that I have been using and testing:
Sits in and around the 60 to 75 mill mark depending on how u acquire your items.
As it is a worm the most expensive part here is the ship itself
[Worm, alpha Calm exotic Solo worm]
Ballistic Control System II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Small C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Small F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Small Shield Extender II

Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II

Small Core Defense Field Purger I
Small Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Small Semiconductor Memory Cell II

Hornet II x5

Scourge Light Missile x4904

My lovely alt about to train his skills "psst totally injected for science to speed up process

The skills I needed to train to get this fit to work for me , as an alpha it works out at around 63day train
as an omega 30ish days give or take.
Cost of missing skills sat at around the 10 to 11 mill mark.
Do note this is without a training clone or remapping.
You will notice that I have thrown in cpu management to 5 at the bottom, as the fit is tight for a new player we need to train this and then use a cheap +1% implant to online everything the implant i used is called Zainou 'Gypsy' CPU Management EE-601 without training this skill or using the 1% implant i was missing -8.6 cpu, the other alternative is training up cybernetics to 3 or 4 and using a more expensive implant but then the implant goes from a reasonable 1-2mill to a whopping 95mill + which is just sillie as that is more than the cost of the ship
Weapon Upgrades III
Weapon Upgrades IV
Drones II
Drones III
Drones IV
Shield Operation I
Shield Upgrades II
Shield Upgrades III
Missile Launcher Operation II
Missile Launcher Operation III
Light Missiles I
Light Missiles II
Light Missiles III
Light Missiles IV
Light Missiles V
Light Missile Specialization I
Light Drone Operation I
Light Drone Operation II
Light Drone Operation III
Light Drone Operation IV
Light Drone Operation V
Drones V
Caldari Drone Specialization I
Caldari Frigate I
Caldari Frigate II
Caldari Frigate III
Gallente Frigate I
Gallente Frigate II
Gallente Frigate III
CPU Management V

Sp required as minimum for this fit:
I went from 376k to 1,544,000‬ for the first 29 skills and then what ever the 4d train was for cpu management needs thrown on top also
so less than 2 mill sp needed in short.

with these low skills your sitting with:
31km lock range
25km drone range \o/
18km missile range
and a cap life of under 2 mins o no not cap stable ahhhhh
in-game damage stats

And the loose ingame stats I am getting with my heavier skilled toon:
37km lock range: only a small increases for me here
57km drone range \o/ : more than double that of a low skill trained toon while our lock range is 37km we throw the drones out and have set on aggressive so when we get shot they run off to attack a random enemy while we move into position. very nice quality of life compared to 25km range.
36km missile range : Super useful and makes it alot easier
and a cap life Stable infinite repping power <3
in-game damage stats
With the increase to damage and the huge increases on damage range / projection the sites go from a 12 min average down to around 4-7 mins on average

Warning: Don't fly directly at the enemy or rely heavy on orbit with the low skills , spiral in to reduce incoming damage even more so when there is cruisers or above on field if done right while using the after burner the bigger ships just wont hit you even with the bonus to scan resolution

Do note also to save on time I only grab the loot from the "triglavian bioadaptive cache"

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.12 15:56
by Raido Kudonen
This is great work, Turlough!

A couple notes on the fit, along with some recommendations for how to do the low end of frigate abyssals efficiently.

First, it's absolutely essential to use Scourge Fury Light Missiles instead of the t1 Scourge Light Missiles. You gain a great deal of DPS and, because of the Worm's short lock range, the range you lose is mostly not worth anything to you. Fury light missiles already apply so well to NPC frigates that there is no reason to use the relatively expensive faction missiles.

Second, I really don't like the small shield extenders and the purger rig. You don't really need the buffer with correct piloting, especially since the small extenders bloom your signature and therefore make it more likely to take damage. They also add a ton of CPU pressure on the fit, which limits accessibility to newer players etc. Better is going all-in on the active fit.

Third, on the Worm, 1x BCS 1x DDA is strictly inferior to 2x DDA for damage. This is because the drones, as you correctly note in the OP, provide all of your damage outside your lock range, as well as doing a great deal more base damage than the light missiles do. I would also strongly recommend switching to Hornets for blitzing exotics; their speed penalty is not so important with light drones in PvE, while their damage is very much better after you factor the resistance effects of exotic weather.

Augmented Hammerheads are even better than Vespa IIs in the Gila, but this is because the slow speed of medium drones starts to affect your ability to hit new targets, and also because Augmented Hammerheads do mixed kin/therm damage. Investing in augmented drones seems clearly excessive for a cheap blitzing fit.

Okay, so a couple of sample fits. The first is quite expensive for a frigate, but can very easily run T3 sites solo (if using a somewhat expensive pod - I use the one I use in my active Gila) and can probably run T4 sites if dual boxed. The second is barely more expensive than your fit, while having a better tank and (because of 2x DDA in lows) more DPS.

[Worm, abyssal]

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Pithi C-Type Small Shield Booster
Gistii A-Type 1MN Afterburner
Republic Fleet Small Cap Battery
Domination EM Ward Amplifier

Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
Small Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer II

Hornet II x2
Hornet II x3

Scourge Fury Light Missile x3000
Nanite Repair Paste x100

[Worm, abyssal cheap]

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Small Shield Booster II
1MN Afterburner II
Small Cap Battery II
Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I

Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Scourge Fury Light Missile

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
Small Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer II

Hornet II x2
Hornet II x3

Scourge Fury Light Missile x3000
Nanite Repair Paste x100

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.12 17:03
by Turlough Dominian
ah hi buddie <3

ye good spot on the drones, derp ye I have now edited them on the above fit i listed,
was copy paste error on my part as i swop the drones out depending on the site , totally a fail moment ty for helping me fix that.

With the missiles i totally agree with you, i use those also on my fit but for testing purpose's and reducing training time i opted for seeing if it was double with the weaker missiles.
The difference for me was another 5 days train if omega pilot or another 10 days if an alpha as the low sp toon i was using is missing Missile Launcher Operation to lvl 5 as that is a requirement for those missiles.
So yes for me if i was training my low sp alt further that would be one of the goals to get them missiles trained and using them
When i say i went for lowest of the low skills i could i really did go low low haha :D

em ye with the 1x BCS 1x DDA compared to 2x DDA for damage thing 100% on paper better damage for sure, but for science some of my other tests where what happens when all my drones die and i was finding for me with the lower damage u get from not having that bcs was making me have to overheat if i lost my drones "dont worry didn't actually loose them just didn't deploy them for test"
ye i ran a few with no drones on the last pocket not a fun option and very close to the 20 min deadline
on my main toon i do actually drop the bcs altogether most of the time and opt for a damage control purely for laziness so i ignore the manual piloting part a little more
Would say for me at least if i was happy i am not going to loose my drones like paying attention, i would grab the 2nd DDA also and agree with that recommendation that said i do opt for the DCU a good bit but thats personal preference on more tank so i can be lazzyier on manual piloting

onto your fits.
for me i can fly with the alt the first fit minus the ammo type you have as i am missing the skills for them but i am totally going to try it out and see how high i can get with it even with the lower ammo type "for science"

the 2nd fit just doesn't work at all for my alt due to a few missing skills.
Shield Operation to 3
Afterburner to 4
Energy Grid Upgrades to 2
Missile Launcher Operation to 5
Notable not a long train really as it works out at around 11 or so days as an omega without training clone or remapping
Other issue my low skilled alt has on fit 2: is I just can't online all the stuff missing -8.2 cpu again probably due to low skills

In short:

  • Drones where wrong on my fit copy/paste error sorry
  • I agree on ammo type "testing alt just can't use them lack of skills"
  • I agree that the 2 DDA are optimal and better damage numbers
  • Fit 1 works minus the ammo so going to test that with this low alt of mine when i get a chance ,At quick look might end up being my go to for my main <3 so stealing that fit 99% sure i will anywho
  • Fit 2 doesn't work at all for my alt based on the low skills i deliberately aimed for "but when i finish messing at this lower end of the spectrum sp wise ill bump in a few more and test out your second fit"

But ye really thanks buddie for your input i got two fits i gotta try out now <3 and i am liking the look of that first fit while tad priceie for a frig ill enjoy blowing it up haha

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.12 22:02
by Raido Kudonen
It's definitely a fitting skills issue with the alt - that is, however, 100% due to using cheaper T2 modules instead of the more expensive faction modules (which have lower CPU). I generally think that the expensive modules are quite worth it, as that's where you get a fair amount of your extra reps and margin for error, and it pays for itself in about 6-8 hours of sites.

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.30 05:20
by Turlough Dominian
Fair warning
Since invasion went live and the npc AI has been improved in terms of they go full ham after my drones now i have been very reluctant to solo lvl 1's with my worm.

So if using a worm be careful to watch your drones more so than normal
fly safe

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.05.30 06:18
by Faye Enkelli
These are some great low cost fits and I'm keen to try some out over the weekend. XD

Thank you.

Re: Worm Calm Exotic Solo

PostPosted: 2019.06.30 13:56
by Tal Tracyn
totaly unrealistic but
[Worm, 1billion isk worm]

Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Federation Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Gistum A-Type Medium Shield Booster
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Navy Cap Booster 400
Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field

Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile
Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Small Core Defense Operational Solidifier II

Hobgoblin II x2

314dps or 330dps with rockets.