Rules - Please read before posting

For discussion of ship fittings
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Rules - Please read before posting

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This forum is dedicated to discussions of fits published to the E-Uni Wiki.
All pilots are welcome to participate; whether you are a member of E-Uni, were one in the past or just want to participate. Feel free to propose new fits; ask questions and suggest improvments.

In order to keep communications efficient, some rules will apply:

0. Respect
Please respect the work done by other players. Nobody working on fits is paid, other players sacrifice their personal and game time to make EVE Online a better game and provide a community with quality information.
Please do respect this.

1. Only one topic per ship
Please limit discussions within a topic to the ship in the subject.
If you want to make comparisons among ships, discuss doctrines or pose any other questions not related to fittings of the ship in the discussion, please use other discussion pages (like Player vs Player Combat, Player vs Environment or Questions & Answers for non-specific questions).

2. Provide justification
Please provide justification of why do you think this particular fit should or should not be published.
Avoid using "it is retarded" or "it is cool". Provide references to killmails or videos to support your point.

3. Stick to typical use-cases
Please stick to the most commonly used fits, avoid using specialized, niche fits. There is a myriad way of fitting each ship, though we publish only most common or those that are principally different from each other. If fits can use different modules and serve the same role, just put another module in cargo and put description that explains when to refit to any particular module

4. Use descriptive names
Please chose the name of the fit that describes fit purpose. Names like "Baby Ishtar" or "Poor Man Ishtar" don't let people chose fit for particular usage. Use something like "Low-sec Solo PvP", "Small Fleet PvP", "L4 Security Missions", etc.

5. Use reasonably priced modules
Please use modules whos price matches hull price. T1 ships often fit with meta or T2 modules, rarely with faction, never with officer. If modules prices are higher than hull price than most likely your fit is unreasonable.

6. Aim for high fitting skills
Please focus on fits that assume high skills.
Clearly, the wiki is used by many new players, and the majority of them would benefit from having fits ready to use by new pilots. At the same time, new pilots should know what is THE PROPER fit to fly this particular ship: it is always easy to downgrade modules if you lack CPU/PWG/cap. But it is hard to know what fit really works.
Some exceptions can apply, provide justification if you believe any particular fit should use meta guns (instead of T2), etc.

7. Find your topic
Please find the topic for the fit you want to discuss: you won't be able to create a new topic in this forum. If there is no topic created yet, please post in Request new topic.

Feel free to post fits for:
- different usages: PvP, FW, PvE, Hauling, Mining, Exploration, etc.
- different spaces: HS, LS, NS, WH (did I miss any?).

P.S. Feel free to post comments/concerns regarding rules in Topic Rules Discussion.

P.P.S. All 'revisited' and published to wiki fits are pulled by Wiki engine from the E-Uni fleet-up, "UniWiki Fittings" doctrine. All unistas have free access to fleet-up and can use its interface to import fleets in-game, perform an easy search, etc. Please avoid posting fits yourself directly to wiki.