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Sovereignty page minor issue?

Posted: 2021.01.22 14:25
by Aoi Todako
The second paragraph in ... overeignty says "... nulsec ... can be split into three distinct types:", followed by two bullet points. Perhaps one type is missing?

Re: Sovereignty page minor issue?

Posted: 2021.01.22 16:09
by Arin Mara
Hhahahhahahahah, well spotted :D

This is an example of signposting: writing about what you'll write next. Don't do it :P It'll produce anything from comedy to bewilderment.
I've tracked down the edit responsible for the de-synchronization and have removed the signposting. :)

Because EVE University is a Neutral, information about topics such as sovereignty are slightly in disrepair.

Re: Sovereignty page minor issue?

Posted: 2021.01.22 21:44
by Aoi Todako
Indeed, I was there due to a search hit on iHubs, having no idea myself about much of sov war.

Thanks for maintaining the Wiki - it's helped me quite a bit. :)

Re: Sovereignty page minor issue?

Posted: 2021.01.23 08:45
by Arin Mara
My pleasure :) I made the edit in haste and omitted the most important part: giving credit. :) I've rectified my mistake.

I encourage every reader to edit the Wiki themselves to make more it more beautiful, truthful and good. This is also the goal of my Wiki Manager Rayanth: Lower The Bar.

Would you be so kind and say why you didn't edit the Wiki yourself? :)
Did you have doubts about logging in to a third-party website? Did you worry you'd mess up the page? Why was it easier to make a Forum Post then to edit the Wiki?
The more subjective and objective measurements we have, the faster we can improve the Wiki! :)