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Pochven - Categorization Breakdown

Posted: 2020.10.17 05:02
by Drebin 679
On October 13th, 2020, the new region of Pochven was created by the Triglavian Collective. Formed from the 27 Final Liminality systems captured from the four empires, it is completely disconnected from the regular gate network, and is only accessible through standings-locked gates, heavily protected wormholes, and hard to come by filaments.

Given that the area is brand new, comprises an entire region, and has new mechanics behind it, it is very likely that it will have enough content such that one page alone won't sufficiently cover it without becoming a wall of text. The Abyssal Deadspace page probably toes the line on that, and even there things like Mutaplasmids and wave compositions are given more detail in separate pages.

With that said, well, if there does turn up to be a lot of content, how should it be organized?

* Combat Sites - hearsay around the block is that some of the Invasion sites will make their way into Tspace?
* Roaming fleets - multi-faction drifting?
* Special structures?
* Is this just a solution searching for a problem?

Not sure, but want to make this thread here so that it can be hashed out. Stuff's fresh, so hopefully coordination on this front can lead to a better detailed page (or set of pages) overall.


Re: Pochven - Categorization Breakdown

Posted: 2020.10.17 07:18
by Arin Mara
Push the information that isn't tied to Pochven to other pages.
We should attempt to follow the precedents set by our predecessors as much as possible.

How do we treat other regions? Security Systems page just lists them. Drone Regions are just mentioned in the Relic and data sites. Drifter Systems are left under their Faction Drifter Page.

I strongly dislike how Drifter Systems don't have a Page separate from the Drifter Faction. Therefor:
* Combat Sites? Put Pochven Anomalies under Combat Sites#Anomalies.
* Roaming Fleets? Do they roam Pochven? Let them stay in Pochven.
* Special Structures? Are they exclusive to Pochven? Let them stay in Pochven.
* Is this just a solution searching for a problem? All solutions create problems, because it is in our nature to want to improve even the excellent :)

What about:
* Ores? Put them in the Ore.
* cataloging Pochven Wormhole guards? Put it next to Drifter Wormholes.
* Triglavian Gates? Leave them in Pochven as they only exist there.

Re: Pochven - Categorization Breakdown

Posted: 2020.10.27 18:24
by Arin Mara
Capsuleer Syfa, mentioned in EDI Public Research Fleet to Stellar Fleet Deployment Site, Aldik, has given me a treasure trove of information about the Stellar Fleet Deployment Site, Ships, Structures, Collidables and Tactics. :) :) :)

I thought I'd just be updating a few Wiki pages, but it turns out we don't have a separate page for all the Triglavian Invasion Sites. Therefor, I've started moving information around and creating new pages as per Hirmuolio Pine's excellent edit comment.

This process will take some time and will touch quite a few pages. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions you can find me in EVE, the Forums or Discord. :)