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New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.25 13:26
by Ernesto Guevarti
I've been working on a condensed new player introduction page ( and think I have all the content I want in it. (The aim is to keep to to about a page, but to give new players somewhere to start with links to anywhere that should be useful.)

Now I'm asking for people to proof read it and correct my horrible grammar, spelling and (lack of) style. I also expect I've switched tense and person multiple times while writing it (not even sure which ones I should actually use for this, so that doesn't help), so any help bringing those into a consistent form would also be much appreciated.

If you can help out please do, and feel free to make corrections directly to the page, or to put suggestions here.

thanks to you all


P.S. there are a couple of things that could probably be filled in better, such as the ISK rewards for running the whole SoE epic arc (without loot or salvage), as I'm not sure about that. If you see others like this please clarify them.

Re: New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.25 14:23
by Arin Mara
:) I love it! :)

I'll give you a hand and make sure that we avoid the Curse of Knowledge.
When I make an edit I'll reference the Wiki Style Manual. If I break a rule I'll say why.

Re: New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.25 15:58
by Ernesto Guevarti
Arin Mara wrote:... I'll reference the Wiki Style Manual ...
There's a style manual? Oh boy, I am so screwed!

Re: New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.25 16:01
by Ernesto Guevarti
Thanks Arin, your changes have help clear it up and improve the readability a lot, really impressed!

Re: New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.26 06:10
by Arin Mara
I'm so glad you liked it! :) :) :)
I was concerned you won't appreciate my concise style of writing. Now that I know that's not the case, I'll give the page another read and I'll see what I can do in an hour. :)

The Wiki Style Manual exists, but few page adhere to every single rule. I use it only when I'm conflicted about style, for example, how to write dates and time.

Thanks Ernesto! :)

Re: New Player Introduction

Posted: 2020.09.26 09:29
by Ernesto Guevarti
Thanks for you help, I've removed the Work In Progress banner as I think its good enough for people to use.

That does not mean its finished, if anyone sees any mistakes or thinks something important has been missed please just fix/add it. If you want to discuss anything about the page please do that here.