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Portal to War 1st mission

Posted: 2020.09.18 13:23
by Seldaar Ne'rad
I ran the Portal to War first mission last night, and I had an edit for the Wiki page on the subject.

The 2nd Pocket has the names correct, but the Drone Watcher is a Battlecruiser, not a Cruiser.
I was surprised to see it, but was happy with the extra bounty :) .

Re: Portal to War 1st mission

Posted: 2020.09.26 22:19
by Rayanth
Thanks for the report! I've fixed it up based on your information.

Just so you know, you also can edit the wiki! Just log in using EVE's SSO Login in the top right corner, and you can edit most pages directly. Once you're in edit mode, the syntax for things like these tables should be fairly easy to work out. You can also always reach out to us on the EVE University Discord, in the #wiki channel, if you need any help.