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Why Delete Ship Fittings?

Posted: 2020.08.27 00:45
by SH4D0WT1G3R
I was not pleased to see Ship Fitting recommendations being removed. This was a reliable resource that many trusted for ship configuration help. In my opinion, that was a poor decision...not a happy camper :(

Re: Why Delete Ship Fittings?

Posted: 2020.08.27 01:29
by Marius Labo
The amount of effort it takes to maintain and update fittings is overwhelming. And a lot of fits were obsolete, to be honest. The changes coming out from CCP :ccp: tend to be fairly consistent and constant and this means the meta is constantly changing. "Last month's flavour is now this month's garbage" if that makes sense.

No longer in the Uni but it could be possible that many of the fits were saved in Corp fittings in-game? Many of the current doctrinal fits are on the forums and I imagine in the corp fittings window in-game.

There are many sources of fits on the web as it is. ZKillboard is a good source of fits. Keep in mind, just because something is killed doesn't mean it was a bad fit. There is also EVE Workbench.

The real ticket is learning to fit. Once you know the basics you can play around with the in-game fitting tool, or Pyfa out-of-game if you like, to tweak for what it is you're fitting to. And what fit works for one pilot may not work for another doing the exact same thing.

Uniwiki Fitting Guide is where you would want to start.

Re: Why Delete Ship Fittings?

Posted: 2020.08.27 18:39
by Arin Mara
See if this thread is helpful. :)

Re: Why Delete Ship Fittings?

Posted: 2020.10.22 14:50
by Chris Halsky
SH4D0WT1G3R - check

It has the correct approach (IMO) - provides fits for Frigates and Destroyers, with some explanation why the fit looks like it looks. It might be outdated - but I do not have anything better. It does not provide fits for Cruiser: "Cruiser fittings will not be provided in this guide. By the time you’re getting into a cruiser, you should be creating fits for yourself;", which is fine. If you have doubts about your fit (don't worry, my first one or two hundred fits were terrible, now they just not-optimal) - ask in Q chat in game, there is always someone to offer advice.

Marius Labo - all the sources you provide - zkillboard, workbench, corp fittings, forum - these are great for players with some training. The fits that are most requested by new players - frigates/destroyers/[cruisers] with low SP - that's a bit harder.