Post 2020.07.12 23:53

Campus shipping service - broken links


Nathan Blackmane pointed out, that we have several broken links to Campus shipping service on Wiki. I assume this comes from new topic in Uni Hauling forum - I corrected all links in Wiki that I was aware of.

Old link: (links to "You are not authorized to see this forum")
Correct link:

Pages changed: - Section "Campus Hauling Services", link EVE University Sponsored Campus Shipping Service - Section "Moving to the HSC", link Freighter Service - direct link - Section What to bring to LSC, link Campus Shipping Service - link University Hauling - I've fixed the link and made new link - please confirm that this is correct way of doing this.

Search on Wiki does not return anything on "111744" - so I think all broken links to this topic are fixed. I hope I didn't break anything.

Edit: - First timers section , link Jump Freighter program leads to - also dead link. Changed to correct one from above.


Hivaa Saitsuo!