Proposed Link changes to the ShipArticle template


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Post 2020.06.03 01:53

Proposed Link changes to the ShipArticle template


The ShipArticle template, which is used as the backbone for every ship page on the UniWiki, also has some sections for additional links. The current sections are links to this forum, links to other wiki pages, and links outside of uni domains.

I thought up of some changes to the links:

  • Removing the default links to the uni forums, since they don't show much for most ships
  • Adding links to zKillboard and Eveworkbench for each ship, both to show how and where people are flying and dying with them, and to have another source of ship fittings

I've made a mockup in a sandbox for the Incursus, which can be contrasted with an archive of the current Incursus page.

Since this would affect every ship page on the wiki, I made this thread for any comments and criticism. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.
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Post 2020.06.03 03:07

Re: Proposed Link changes to the ShipArticle template

zkillboard seems like a solid addition.

My default strategy for new pvp fits is to go
1) search up ship in zkillboard
2) select top monthly players
3) look at lossmails of the top 5ish players

Imo checking zkill is basically vital for making fittings so it would make sense for our pages to include relevant links.

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